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Dz associated w/ anti-acetylcholine receptor?
myasthemia gravis
Dz assoc. w/ anti-centromere Ab?
CREST Sx 60% and PSS 10%
Dz assoc. w/ anti-gliadin Ab?
Celiac Dz (95%)
Dz assoc. w/ anti-glomerular basement membrane?
Goodpasture Sx (90%)
Against what Ab is anti-GBM directed to?
Collagen Type IV
What Dz is assoc. w/ anti-islet cel Abs?
Type I DM
What Dz is assoc. w/ anti-microsomal Abs?
Hashimotos (97%)
autoimmune hepatitis (70%)
Dz. assoc. w/ anti-mitochondrial Abs?
primary biliary cirrhosis (90-100%)
Dz. assoc w/ C-ANCA?
Wegner's Granulnomatosis
Dz. assoc. w/ P-ANCA?
Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN)
and Hep B associated to PAN
Dz. assoc. w/ anti-parietal cell Abs?
Pernicious Anemia
Dz. assoc. w/ intrinsic factor Abs?
Pernicous Anemia Type I (Ab to B12 prevent binding to IF)
Type II (Ab to IF or complex)
Dz. assoc. w/ anti-smooth muscle Abs?
Autoimmune Hepatitis (70%)
Dz. assoc. w/ anti-thyroglobulin Ab?
Hashimoto (85%)
Grave's (30%)
What Dz is associated w/ myasthemia gravis?
thymoma (60%)
HLA relationship of hemochromatosis?
HLA relationship of Myasthemia Gravis?
HLA relationship of Celiac Dz?
B8 and DR3
HLA relationship of Ankylosing Spondylitis?
HLA relationship of Multiple Sclerosis?
HLA relationship of Type I DM?
DR3 and DR4
HLA relationship of Rheumatoid Arthritis?
What is the MCC of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia?
Warm IgG Lupus
2nd MCC of Hemolytic Anemia?
Drug Induced Hemolytic Anemia
What two drugs used for HT for pregnancy?
Hydralazine, Methyl-Dopa
Hydralazine causes?
Drug Induced Lupus
MC drug that causes drug-induced Lupus?
What Ab is made against alpha-methyl dopa?
G is for Gravida
What Ab is made against Quinide?
What does IgG activate?
Macrophages to become active
What does IgM activate?
Complement System
What disease causes leukemoid reaction?
B. pertussis
Scares Pediatricians!!!
>60,000 WBCs
Mononucleosis caused by ------>
What cell does EBV infect?
What is the marker (receptor) for EBV, B-cells?
What drug induces atypical lymphocytes?
MOA of Phenytoin?
Blocks intestinal Conjugase
What drug causes macrocytic anemia and atypycal lymph?
Where does EBV hide for the rest of the life of the patient?
Salivary Glands

Kissing Disease
What test is diagnostic for Mononucleosis?
Anti Heterophile Antibody
What diseases cause eosinophilia?
Type I Yes
MCC of Bud-Chiari Sx?
polycytemia vera
Age of ALL?
Age of AML?
Age of CLL?
Age of CML?
MC overall Leukemia? ------->
Characteristic of CLL?
MC generalized non-tender lymphadenopathy >60y ?
MC Leukemia >60yo?
Where does CLL metastisize to?
lymph nodes
49 y.o. 150,000 WBC
1% myeloblasts (<30% blasts) generalized lymphadenopathy
Translocation of CML?
t9;22 of abl gene
49 y.o. 150,000 WBC
1% myeloblasts (<30%) generalized lymphadenopathy
What gene/chromosome is important in CML?
Philadelphia Chromosome 22
What translocation is seen in CML?
What is the gene in t9;22?
bcr-abl gene
What two tests are used to Dx CML?
Philadelphia Chromosome (+) and LAP (low level)
LAP = leukocyte alkaline phosphatase not absorbed by malignant cells
What do is the Dx when you see a tear drop cell?
Agnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia
Pt. 4yo, w/ generalized non-tender lymphadenopathy, sternal tenderness, hepatosplenomegaly, fever, normocytic anemia, 50,000 WBCs abnormal appearing cells
What antigen is use to detect ALL?
What does CALLA detect?
B-cells CD10
Pt. 65 yo man, hepatosplenomegalic, 90,000 WBC smudge cells, also pt. has hypogammaglobulinemia
CLL age gives it away
What leukemia has auer rods in it?
What leukemia has lots of auer rods?
Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (M3)
What are the four/five myeloproliferative dz?
1. polycythemia vera
2. chronic myelogenous leukemia
3. adenogenic myeloid metaplasia
4. essential thrombocytemia
myelodysplastic Sx
What are the four H's of polycythemia vera?
1) Hyperviscosity
2) Hypervolemia
3) Histaminemia
4) Hyperuricemia
What is the Dx of a patient that complains of itching after taking a shower hot or cold?
Polycythemia ruba vera
What is the translocation of Burkitt's Lymphoma?
What is responsible for Burkitt's Lymphoma?
What do you see in the pathology slides for Burkitt's?
Starry Sky Appearance
What are the three K for Burkitt's?
Kid 8yo
8 is for translocation 8;14
What are the stars in Burkitt's?
United States where is Burkitt's Located?
Abdomen (Peyer's Patches, Paraortic Lymph nodes), Testicle also
African Burkitt's lymphoma MC location?
What two tissues are resistant to cancer infection?
Cartilage and Elastic Vessels
Pat. w/ plaque like lesions w/ inflamatory cells in epidermis?
Neoplastic epidermis cells Helper T-Cells
Mycosis Fungoides
What is a helper T-cell malignancy that involves skin?
Mycosis Fungoides
What cell is involved in Mycosis Fungoides?
Sezary Body
What is a sezary body?
Helper T-cell seen in plasma of pat. w/ Mycosis Fungoides
What substance is secreted and produced by Gastic Adenocarcinoma (Linitis Plastica)?
Mucin Producer
What is the appearance of the stomach in linitis plastica?
diffusely inflitrative (thickened appearance)
mucosa and muscularis produced rigid thick, leather-bottle gastric wall

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