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European Explorers 2


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This explorer was the 1st to circumnavigate the globe.
Ferdinand Magellan
Who travelled to Asia and returned to Europe with silks, spices and jewels.
Marco Polo
What to countries were in a race to find a faster, sea route to Asia?
Portugal and Spain
What is the southern tip of Africa called?
The Cape of Good Hope
Who sailed to the southern tip of Africa?
Bartholomeu Dias
Why did early European explorers sail so close to the African coast?
They were afraid of sea monsters.
Who was the 1st explorer to sail around the southern tip of Africa and on to India?
Vasco de Gama
What group of explorers were the 1st to discover North America?
What did the Vikings name the area in North America where they landed?
Where were the Vikings originally from:
Scandinavia: Norway and Denmark
The Vikings were the best ____________ in Europe.
What early Indian group was destroyed by Hernando Cortez?
Who was looking for the Fountain of Youth?
Ponce de Leon
Where was Ponce de Leon exploring?
What country claimed Florida for their own?
The study of how to plan and control the course of a ship or car is ...
What were the names of Columbus' 3 ships?
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
Another name for lines of longitude or latitude is
meridians or parellels
The line of longitude that is located at 0 degrees is called the
Prime Meridian
The line of latitude that is located at 0 degrees is called the
Lines of latitude measure the distance from what?
The Equator
Lines of latitude run in what direction?
East and West
Lines of Longitude measure the distance from what?
The Prime Meridian
Who was America named for?
Amerigo Vespucci
Who discovered the Pacific Ocean?
Ferdinand Magellan was the first explorer to ...
circumnavigate the globe
Bart Dias was the 1st to ...
sail to the S. tip of Africa
How did Dias' trip to the s. tip of Africa help explorers who came after him?
He had proved that there were no sea monsters, no one would fall off the edge of the earth and no one would boil at the equator.
Spanish conquistadors were exploring where?
North America
Conquistadors were looking for...
A war in which 2 sides of the same country are fighting each other is called a _____________.
Civil War
Who was looking for the 7 Cities of Gold?
A __________ is a settlement ruled by another country.

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