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Mythology--Olympian Gods and Goddesses


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One of six children of Cronus & Rhea. Wife and sister to Zeus, the protector of marriage and takes special care of married women, Zeus tricked and raped her, she married him out of shame, animals are cow and peacock, favorite city, Argos. Roman name: Juno
One of six children of Cronus & Rhea. King of the Gods, God of the Sky and Rain, overthrew Cronus with help from his mother Rhea, Thunderbolt for weapon, married to Hera but still a slut, punishes those who lie or break oaths. Concerned in particular with guest-host manners. Roman name: Jupiter, Jove
One of six children of Cronus & Rhea. Not one of the twelve Olympians after the war with the Titans. Lord of the underworld, god of the dead, drew for domain and got the underworld, greedy, power hungry, god of mineral wealth, helmet that makes him invisible, unpitying and terrible but not capricious, married to Persephone. Roman name: Pluto
One of six children of Cronus & Rhea. Goddess of the hearth, no part in myth, new children were brought to the hearth. Roman name: Vesta
One of six children of Cronus & Rhea. Goddess of fruits of the earth, mother of Persephone, sister of Zeus, must let her daughter live with Hades for half the year in which all the vegetation on earth dies. Roman name: Ceres
One of six children of Cronus & Rhea. God of the Sea, drew for domain and got the sea. worshipped by seamen, married Amphitrite, created the horse to win Demeter, trident for weapon, shake the earth and shatter anything, second most powerful, greedy, quarrelsome personality. Roman name: Neptune
daughter of Zeus and Metis but born full grown from Zeus' head. fierce and brave in battle but only fights to protect the state. goddess of the city, handicrafts, and agriculture. the embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity. Zeus' favorite child, city is Athens, tree is olive, bird is owl, she's a virgin. Roman name: Minerva
son of Zeus and Leto, twin of Artemis, god of music, light, and truth. drives the sun across the sky, he had the oracle at delphi, tree is the laurel, bird is the crow, animal is the dolphin. Roman name: Apollo
daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin to Apollo, virgin goddess of the hunt, huntress of the gods, archer like her bro, silver arrows, goddess of chastity and is associated with the moon, tree is the cypress, all wild animals are sacred to her, especially the deer, cares especially for the very young. Roman name: Diana
son of Zeus and Hera, disliked by both, god of war, murderous and bloodstained but a coward. long affair with Aphrodite, bird is vulture and animal is dog. Roman name: Mars
goddess of love, desire, and beauty, magical girdle makes anyone want her, daughter of Zeus and Dione/ came from Uranus' castrated testicles and the resulting sea foam, wife to Hephaestus. tree is the myrtle, birds are doves, swans, and sparrows. Roman name: Venus
messenger god, god of thieves and commerce, winged hat and sandals, magic wand, son of Zeus and Maia (daughter of Atlas), guide for the dead to the underworld. Roman name: Mercury
son of Hera and sometimes Zeus. physically ugly and lame. god of fire and the forge, smith and armorer of the gods, he uses a volcano as his forge, patron god of smiths and weavers, kind and peace loving, married to Aphrodite. Roman name: Vulcan
son of Zeus and Semele, a mortal. Zeus rescued the unborn Dionysus, from the dead mother, and sewed the premature baby into his thigh, until he was ready to be born. The name Dionysus means "born twice". Ascended up to Olympus, some say to take the place of Hestia. Vines and ivy, temporary maddness. Many Dionysian cults and festivals. Roman names: Bacchus, Liber, Lenaeus (he of the wine press), and Lyaeus (he who frees)

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