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Lowell, Massuchusetts
First industrial village in US; first textile factory; recruited women workers from the south
Walt Whitman
Wrote "Leaves of Grass" the first piece of erotic literature.
Abolitionist Movement
Movement to end slavery and strengthened the North and South divide.
Temperance Movement
Led by former N.E. Federalists who sees declince in moral standards; Demonized alcohol; women who lacked legal protection from husbands provided back bone.
Cash Crops
The new idea in farming in which farmers grow more food than just for themselves; profitable
Henry Thoreu
Transcendentalist who believed in civil disobedience, individualsim, and nature.
Faster and more depedable than river transportation; brought cities together; revolutionized idea of time and space
Erie Canal
364 mile man-made canal between lake Erie to Hudson Bay; finances paid for in 12 years
Horace Mann
Person from Massuchusetts who established first state school board.
John Fitch
Inventor of the first steamboat; charged for trips between N.J. and Penn.
Robert Fulton
Created the Claremont and makes 150 mile journey from NYC to Albany
Benevolent Empire
Sees world as corrupt and evil; violated Puritan and Federalist standards of freedom; contributed to Second Great Awakining
Factory System
Undercut artisans; produced faster and greater quantity with the use of machines
Samuel Slater
Founded the first US textile machine; took idea from trips to Britain; created the first spinning factory
Urban Living Conditions
Expanding pop. strained housing;high death rates due to disease; the beginning of the first slums
Industrial Revolution
manufacturing accounted for a third of national output
Fredrick Douglas
provided the black voice to the abolitionist movement.
Oneida Community
A utopian community that produced silver and worked together cooperatively to deal with life's problems.
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Ultimate abolitionist propaganda literature that focused on the disruption of the slave family.
Irish Workers
Built Erie canal; paid less than 10$ an hour for backbreaking work; stereotyped as drunken brawlers
McGuffey's Reader
Dominant school textbook that enstills protestant middle-class ideals; established ideal child and gender roles; strong feelings of patriotism
Dorthea Dix
Massuchusetts school teacher who worked with those in prisons, workhouses, and asylums to improve themselves

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