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History Final


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vertical integration
Having control over all the steps required to change raw material into a finnished product
Freedmen's Buero
Provided for african americans
a word used for small scruffy horses
forbad the forbiding of african americans to vote
Nazi/Soviet Pact
Hitler and stallin agreed not to attack each other and to secretly divide up Polland and other parts of easter europe
undersea boat
Blanch K. Bruce
won a seat in the senate as a black man
german emperor
Poll tax
required voters to pay a tax for voting
Chineese exclusion act
barred immigration of chineese laborrors for 10 years
banned slavery
Emma Lazarus
wrote the new colossus
Andrew Johnson
Became president after lincons death
russian emperror
a person who worked a farm in exchange for a share of the cropp
Charolett Forten
worked to improve the lives of afro americans through education
Fredric Law Olmstead
planned central park
payments for the losses suffered during a war
Mother Cabrini
founded over seventy hospitals in north and south america
collective farm
government run farm
Ruffoford B. Hayse
first post reconstruction president
Thaddius Stevenson
Led radical republicans in the House
self determination
national groups who had the right to their own territory and form of government
Jane Addams
set up hull house
Horatio Aldger
wrote Rags to riches stories
a share of a corporations profit
granted citizenship to all born in the US
Black codes
laws that severly limmited the rights of african americans
Atlantic Charter
Set up Goals for the postwar world
location of the first high rise building
selective service act
required all able bodied males from the ages of 21 to 30 to regeister for the draft
a system of connected lines

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