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A German scientist who discovered wireless radio though didn't do anything else
Heinrich Hertz
An Italian inventor who got patent on wireless radio and started company to manufacture/use of wireless radio (point-to-point communication)
Marconi, "Father of Radio"
Worked for Marconi Wireless, suggested technology could send music to many homes; "broadcasting" evolved: sending sound to many; on duty/received messages from Titanic
David Sarnoff
Decided to try out wireless tech/broadcasting on top of Eifel Tower; first unofficial DJ
Lee DeForest
"Father of American Broadcasting"
Herbert Hoover
Most famous and first network war correspondent for CBS
Edward R. Murrow
Developed FM Radio (Father of FM)
Major Armstrong
First Licensed commercial radio station on this side of the Mississippi whose call letters begin with a 'K' (one of very few); first licensed radio station to broadcast commericial advertising
Made radio kits, sold for $10
Horne's Department Store
First News report every broadcasted on a licensed station; results of election reported on KDKA
First station to play true commericals, owned by AT&T
WEAF in New York
"the radio waves belong to the people", had rules but no enforcement
Radio Act of 1927
Most important legislation in broadcasting history; set up rules and gave government power to enforce rules; set up FCC; stated no government censorship of airwaves
Communications Act of 1934
Equal Times Act, FCC law where all political canidates must be offered equal air time
Section 315 (of CA of 1934)
ruled unconstitutional, required radio stations should cover all sides of controversial issues
Fairness Doctrine

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