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Triple Alliance/Central Powers
This treaty was also a secret "intangling alliance between Germany, Austria Hungary & Italy
search & destroy
stop ships and blow them out of the water
gov't takeover of private property/businesses
General John J. Pershing
American general head of the American expeditionary forces in Europe during WWI
David Lloyd George
Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWI
Six main causes of WWI
1. assassination of Frans Ferdinad, 2. secret intangling alliances, 3. nationalism, 4. imperialism, 5. international rivalry, and 6. militerism
building up the military and armaments
Woodrow Wilson
US President during WWI
triple entente/Allied Powers
this treaty was a secret treaty "intangling France, Britain & russia into war
signed the triple alliance and came into the war on the side of Austria-Hungary and Germany; but it changed position during the war and fought on the side of Great Britain, France & Russia
The hague Conferences
urged delegates to use arbitration to settle disputes, outlawed certain weapons of warfare and drafted rules for the conduct of war.
naval forces
part of americas warfare; US patrolled the North Sea and effectively bottled up the German fleet
visit and search
stop ships and search for contraband
League of Nations
headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. consisted of the secretariat, had an Assembly with each member nation having t to do
Red cross
Organized on an international basis
Trench warfare
digging deep trenches and fighting from that position
Powder keg
Balkan penninsula area was nicknamed this because so many conflicts broke out there
Germany's Maritime Policy
Germany's warning to travelers Waters around British Isles are considered a war zone
american Expeditionary Force (AEF)
the ___ commanded by General John J. Pershing landed in France in ealry June, 1917
April 2, 1917
Wilson asked Congress to declare war
Industrial Technology
made the world smaller
make Germany pay
Great Britain, France, and Italy said ____
convoy system
having escort ships accompany passenger/cargo ships
Visit & Search
Germany used the subs against ships without using the rule of ____
Sussex, March 1916
Germany sunk this unarmed French ship and followed with a declaration that it would sink all ships around the British Isles w/o warning
country declaring to officially not be at war with belligerents
alsane Lorraine
changes of the map of europe: ____ was returned to France
Kaiser Wilhelm 2
the ruler of Germany,fled to the Netherlands
illegal goods
Frans Josef
Emperor of Austria-Hungary
Luistania, May 7, 1915
Brittish passenger ship destroyed by Germany with loss of 1,198 lives including 128 americans; this action eventually brought the US into the war because of violation of neutral rights on the high seas
Treaty of Brest-Litorsk - 1918
Bolshevik Revolution in Russia - a radical communist group overthrew the Tsar; based on teachings of Karl Marx
hospitals, ammo dumps, and storage houses
america also built ___, ____ and ____
the "____" were cheered by the French
world wide outbrake of a disease such as the flu epidemic that hit after WWI that killed more ppl than were killed during the war.
2nd battle of the Marne
in July of 1918 _____ turned tided against Germany with France, Britain, and US troops fighting under an allied commander, Marshal Foch
Victoria Orlando
Italian Premier during WWI
remained neutral and demanded to be able to trade with other nations, even belligerents
Allied Powers
Germany warned neutrals to avoid the areas and advised citizens of neutral countries to refrain from traveling on ships belonging to the _____
Treaty of Versailles June 1919
met in paris, France (actually Versailles Palace, just outside of Paris), 60 + delegrates from 27 nations, the big 4
declared waters surrounding Great Britain and Ireland to be "war zone" and German subs would destroy all enemy vessels
economic sanctions
not allowing trade to take place, boycott
Gavrilo Princip
Serbian nationalist who assassinated the Archduke and his wife Sophie Heir
US helped convoy merchant ships and troop transports through the submarine infested waters of the ____
Note from German Foreign Minister to Mexico telling Mexico that if she would join the central powers during the war, then, since Germany would win, Mexico could have back Texas, California, Arizona & New Mexico
neutral rights on the high seas
rights of neutral nations to trade with belligerents and neutrals
self determination
Wilson said nationalities should have right to establish their own governments, free of foreign control.
nation at war
wearing down of resources
Wilheim 2
German Kaiser during WWI who fled to the Netherlands in 1918
staying out of other countries affairs
Treaty of Portsmouth, 1905
Ended Russo-Japanese war, Belligerents: Russia & Japan, fought in China, give Japan Korea, S. Sakhalin Island and right to Manchuria
US laid a ____ of mines that stretched across the North Sea from Norway to the Orkney Islands
8 new weapons of war 1st used in WWI
U-boats, machine guns, airplanes, airships (blimps), 420mm cannon (big bertha), poison gas, long range guns, and tanks
payments by loosing countries to winning countries to make up for money/land/buildings lost during a war
latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia
created 8 independent states: ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
Visit & Search
As soon as the subs surfaced, they became sitting ducks so they could not use the rule of _______.
11:00 am, 11-11-1918
Germany finally signed an armistice at ____
railroads, huge docks, network of telephones and lines
what america built in Europe.
Archduke Frans Ferdinand
He & his wife made a trip to Sarajevo where they were assisinated
Drago Doctrine
No nation should use force to collect debts unless debtor nation refused arbitration
Machine gun
helped make WWI the deadliest war fought up to this time
peace w/o victory
Wilson also said there would be a ____
changes of the map of europe: ___ was recreated
Britain's Maritime Policy
She used her control of the seas to try to starve Germany into submission
League of Nation
organization dreamed up by US President Woodrow Wilson to try and keep wars from happening. US did not ratify the treaty of Versallilles and did not join the League of Nations. League had no authority to stop anything.
mandate system
region was to be administered by another country until it is ready of independence
maritime policy
rules a country makes regarding its navy and the waters around its country
Nicholas 2
Russian Tsar during WWI
self determination
group of people being able to determine their own goverment
unrestricted submarine warfare
was without warning
Georges Clemenceau
Premier of France during WWI
Austria Hungary
changes of the map of europe: Empire of _____ ended
U-boats/Submarine Warfare
mostly unrestricted search & destroy

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