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Trivial Pursuit


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What European capital celebrated its 2,000th anniversary in 1951?
What Humphrey Bogart film poster is on the wall over Woody Allen's bed in 'Play I Again, Sam'?
Across the pacific
Who replaced the assassinated Giacomo Matteotti in 1924?
Benito Mussolini
What letter was used as a pseudonym by the author of 'The Sensuous woman'?
What is the boiling point of water on the centrigrade scale?
100 degrees
Who won the Fight of the Century on March 8th 1971?
Joe Frazier
what country's anthem begins: "From peaceful Ypiranga's banks?"
Who's the fourth person mentioned in Dion Dimucci's song 'Abraham, Martin and John'?
Bobby Kennedy
What began on June 25th, 1950?
The Korean War
Whats the occupation of Oscar Madison in Neil Simon's 'The Odd Couple'?
Sports writer
Who might refer to humans as 'long pig'?
How many numbered segments are there on a dartboard?
What U.S. State's biggest lake is Lake Sam Rayburn?
What comedian was born Allen Stewart Konigsberg?
Woody Allen
Who was the German counterpart to Tokyo Rose?
Axis Sally
What is "The Gay Science"?
What's the longest-living land mammal after man?
The elephant
Who won the first overtime championship game in NFT history?
The Balimore Colts.
What country surrounds San Marino, the worlds smallest republic?
Who collected teh 1973 best supporting actress oscar at age 10?
Tatum O'Neal
Where were Omaha, Juno and Gold Beaches?
What detective could distinguish 140 forms of tobacco ash?
Sherlock Holmes
Who wrote "Elementary Seismology" in 1958?
Charles Richter
What do you call a Poker hand including the black aces and eights?
The Dead man's Hand
Who's the patron saint of England?
St. George
Who lives at 39 Stone Canyon Way?
The Flintstones
What fleet set sail in 1588 to invade England?
The spanish Armada
What's the spanish word for Navy?
What country did Skylab hit?
Who was the first woman to race in the Indianapolis 500?
Janet Guthrie
Where are the Transvaal and Orange Free State provinces?
South Africa
Who narrated the Untouchables for $25,000 an episode?
Walter Winchell
What war did the potsdam conference follow?
World War 2
What was the pen name of English novelist Mary Ann Evans?
George Eliot
How many sides does a snowflake have?
What suspect in the game of clue teaches college?
Professor Plum
What's the most commonly-occuring placename in the U.S.?
What is Princess Aurora's better-known name?
Sleeping Beauty
What disease plagued Europe, Africa and Asia during the 14th centry?
The Black Death, or the Black Plague
What news magazine did Henry Luce and Briton Hadden found?
What's the largest U.S. agricultural crop by weight?
How many sets are there in a full-length men's championship tennis match?
What city's bus terminus boasts the worls busiest pay phone at 270 calls per day?
What role did Billie Burke play in the "Wizard of Oz"?
Glinda, The Good Witch of the North
What king was forced to witness the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215?
Who's the founder and editor of "The National Review"?
William F. Buckly Jr.
What is 3.14159 better known as?
Who's the only man to have won the Olympic decathalon twice?
Bob Mathias
What three Canadian provinces border montana?
British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan
what character's shoes have been filled by Roger Moore, George Lazenby and David Niven?
James Bond's
When was the Battle of Hastings?
What does CBer refer to as the 'pregnant roller skate'?
A Volkswagen
Which elephant can't be domesticated, the African or Indian?
The African
Why was Muhammed Ali stripped of his title and barred from boxing ion 1967
He refused military induction
What's the largest building on the acroplis?
The Parthenon
What island was the jungle home of King Kong in the 1933 film?
Skull island
What was Al Capone finally imprisioned for, in 1931?
income-tax evasion
What does the U stand for in the abbreviation I.O.U.?
What doesn't a pineapple do after it's picked?
What does the French word 'brut' mena on a wine bottle?
What's the longest navigable river in the world?
The Amazon
Where's the total eclipse of the sun in Carly Simon's "your so vain"?
Nova Scotia
Who provided Key Biscayne, Florida, refuge for Richard Nixan
Bebe Rebozo
What did the T.S. stand for in Eliots name?
Thomas Stearns
What grows in a paddy field?
What were "Miss Bardahl, Maverick, Slo-Mo-Shun and Miss Supertest"?
Power Boats
What continent is home to half the world's people?
Who wrote 'God Bless America'?
Irving Berlin
Who was the last Czar of Russia?
Nicholas 2
who was 'Time's' first mand of the Year, for 1927?
Charles Lindbergh
What fraction of the Earth's gravity is in the moon?
What does V.S.O.P. stand for on a bottle of brandy?
Very Superior Old Pale
What's the claim to fame of Lhasa, Tibet?
It's the world's highest city
What TV show did Philadelphia kids Kenny Rossi and Justine Corelli regularly show up on?
American Bandstand
What famed plane was piloted by Colonel Paul Tibbets Jr.?
The "Enola Gay"
What letter does a cedilla hang from?
What does T.I.D. mean on a doctor's prescription?
three times a day
Who's the only pitcher to start for both leagues in baseball's all-star game?
Vida Blue
What peninsula do Spain and Portugal Share?
The Iberian Peninsula
What TV club did Jimmie Dodd host?
The "Mickey Mouse Club"
Who was "The Iron Chancellor," unifier of Germany?
Otto Van Bismarck
What did Hans Christian Andersen always travel with in case of a fire?
A rope
How many dots are there in the symbol for therefore?
Whats a maiden thoroughbred horse never done?
Won a race
What's Russion for U.S.S.R?
What tune subtitled "The Stammering Song", was a World War 1 hit?
Who gave a TV tour of the redecorated White house?
Jacqueline Kennedy
Where did Phileas Fogg begin and end his trip around the world?
What age is adolescence considered to end at?
How long must the first word in a Scrabble Crossword Game be?
Two letters
What was India named for?
The Indus
What was teh profession of the singer of the 1963 hit "Dominique".
What was the headline of the "New York Daily Mirror" on Dec. 6, 1933
Prohibition Ends at Last
What 1958 Best-seller claimed to lift the lid off a small New England town?
Peyton Place
How many astronauts manned each of the Project Gemini flights?
What's the umpire's ruling if a line drive hits the third-base bad and bounces into the stands?
Ground-rule double
What U.S state is proud to call itself the "Beaver State"?
What was the name of the old fireman on "Leave it to Beaver"?
What U.S. president pardoned Tokyo Rose?
Gerald Ford
What's the name of Dick and Jane's little sister?
What ability has the silkworm moth lost through domestication?
What's another name for the championship pocket billiards?
What's the capital of Delaware?
What's the name of the MGM lion?
Who was Hubert Humphrey's 1968 vice-presidential running mate?
Endmund Muskie
Who painted "self portrait with Bandanged Ear"?
Vincent Van Gogh
What animal's tail is called a brush?
the fox's
How many numbered colored balls are there in pocket billiards?
What's the worlds warmest sea?
The Red Sea
What Everly Brothers song was banned in Boston?
Wake up, Little Susie?
Who was on the top air ace of World WarI?
Manfred von Richthofen
what does Exodus give as the sixth Commandment in the King James Version of the Bible?
Thou shalt not kill?
How many calories are in a glass of water?
What is the most landed-on Monopoly property?
Illinois Avenue
What's the capital of Kentucky?
What Bally pinball machine appeared in the movie Tommy?
The Wizard
What Irish activist became the youngest woman ever elected to the British Parliament, in 1969?
Bernadette Devlin
What detective debuted in a "Study in Scarlet"?
Sherlock Holmes
What's a Cape Cod turkey to a fisherman?
a codfish
What were the doped cards to a cowboy in the Old West?
A marked deck
what island got their name from the Spanish 'baja mar', meaning 'shallow water'?
The Bahamas
What's the name of Warner Brother's romantic skunk?
Pepe Le Pew
Who hid in a house at 263 Princengracht, Amsterdamn, for two years?
Anne Frank
Who was Helen of Troy's Trojan lover?
What does as stallion have that a gelding used to?
What handicraft requeires you to interlace your warp and weft?
What's the world's northernmost national capital?
Reykjavisk, Iceland
What's the most famous restaurant in Stockbridge, Massachusetts?
Alice's Restaurant
who succeeded Pope Paul VI?
John Paul I
What newspaper carried a column by Ed Sullivan for more than 40 years?
The New York Daily News
What does VDT stand for?
Video Display Terminal
Who was the only undefeated heavyweight boxing champion?
Rocky Marciano

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