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Advanced use of verbs 2

advanced us of verbs and some idioms. eg "They thought I was crazy Me tomaron por loco"


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"They are asking for amnesty for the former president"
"Solicitan amnisti'a para ex presidente"
"I don't deny anything"
"Yo no me desdigo de nada"
"I don't agree"
"No estoy de acuerdo"
"She won the Nobel prize"
"Se llevo' el premio Nobel"
"Idiom - I stood up to see"
"Me tuve en pie para ver"
"James alone can get the Spurs unhinged"
"James se basta para desquiciar a los Spurs (bastarse - self sufficentcy)"
"The teacher asked the students again if the jar was full"
"El profesor volvio' a preguntar a los estudiantes si el bote estaba lleno"
"There's room for more"
"Cabe ma's"
"He managed to leave"
"Pudo salir"
"At that moment the dialog came to a halt"
"En ese momento quedo' roto el dia'logo"
"The hours seemed very long"
"Las horas se haci'an muy largas (To indicate how something seems)"
"I'm halfway through the book"
"Voy por la mitad del libro (ir por)"
"I've gone three days without sleeping"
"Llevo tres di'as sin dormir (llevar (tiempo))"
"The plans aren't enough for the president"
"Los planes no le bastan al presidente (bastar a)"
"Add a spoonful of olive oil"
"Echar una cuchara de aceite de oliva"
"I can't get by without the Internet"
"No puedes pasar sin Internet"
"He gives himself to his work"
"Se da a su trabajo"
"Since he was a good boss he would lend me his car"
"Como era un buen jefe me dejaba su coche"
"The Lord of the Rings' is about a hobbit"
"El sen''or de los anillos' va de un hobbit (ir de)"
"Enough already!"
"!Basta ya!"
"I'm waiting until things happen naturally"
"Dejo que las cosas se sucedan naturalmente"
"I am traveling by bus"
"Voy en autobu's (ir en + name of vehicle)"
"We get along well together"
"Nos llevamos bien (llevarse)"
"I never have asked anyone to post on my blog"
"Nunca he invitado a nadie a postear en mi blog"
"The problem is with (or is based on or lies in) the color"
"El problema esta' en que el color (estar en que)"
"you must be rich"
"Has de ser rica (for expressing probability)"
"My mother likes anything with chocolate in it"
"A mi madre le gusta todo lo que lleva chocolate (llevar (ingrediente))"
"They never suffered from hunger because their ancestors worked like animals"
"Nunca pasaron hambre gracias a que sus ancestros gallegos trabajaron como animales"
"Go straight ahead and pass five traffic lights"
"Siga derecho y pase 5 sema'foros"
"At least 73 climbers reached the summit on Monday"
"Al menos 73 escaladores ganaron la cima el lunes"
"She turned the page and talked about another subject"
"Volvio' la pa'gina y hablo' de otro tema"
"The closest town Loppiano is five kilometers away 10 minutes by car"
"El pueblo ma's cerca Loppiano queda a 5 km 10 minutes en coche"
"Let's take a different approach"
"Tomemos un enfoque diferente"
"They weren't talking about you"
"No hablaban de ti (de = about)"
"El esca'ndalo Whitewater acabo' con presidente Clinton"
"The Whitewater scandal ruined President Nixon"
"They thought I was crazy"
"Me tomaron por loco"
"to pick someone up"
"Buscare' a los nin''os a las dos de la tarde"
"The dinner still isn't ready"
"Au'n no esta' la cena"
"She asked for a blue car"
"Pidio' un coche azul"
"The window overlooks the sea"
"La ventana da a la mar"
"(On Wednesday of that week it's my responsibility to work)"
"El mie'rcoles de esa semana me toca trabajar"
"He went around talking to himself"
"Andaba hablando consigo mismo"
"I have 'just' gone to the supermarket"
"Acabo de ir al supermercado"
"This dragon is a monster that breathes fire from its mouth"
"Este drago'n es monstruo que echa llamas de fuego por la boca"
"I won't ask questions that make me look bad"
"No contestare' las preguntas que me hagan quedar mal"
"Today is December 25"
"Hoy estamos a 25 de diciembre"
"Mary gave birth to Jesus"
"Mari'a dio luz a Jesu's"
"Can I come in?"
"?Se puede?"
"Piorno seems friendly because of his Caribbean accent"
"Piorno se hace simpa'tico por su acento cariben''o (To indicate how something seems:)"
"Test your knowledge"
"Prueba tus conocimientos"
"to be ashamed"
"tener vergüenza"
"We're about to win"
"Estamos por ganar (estar por)"
"she needs to study tomorrow"
"Ha de estudiar man''ana (expressing a much weaker and often vague sense of obligation)"
"I ended up flying"
"Acabe' por viajar por avio'n"
"He asked about his brother's legal situation"
"Pregunto' por la situacio'n legal de su hermano"
"Why not put off your trip until tomorrow?"
"?Por que' no deja el viaje para man''ana?"
"I realized she was here"
"Me di cuenta que ella estaba aqui'"
"We're getting by with a lot of help"
"Vamos tirando por mucha ayuda (ir tirando)"
"Perhaps he will leave"
"Puede que salga (puedo que / perhaps its is possible)"
"idiom for (to have a close relationship with someone or to be very familiar with a subject)"
"Tocar de cerca"
"idiom (to be expected to do something very difficult or disagreeable)"
"Tocarle a alguien bailar con la ma's fea"
"Pedro is working as a painter"
"Pedro esta' de pintor Pedro esta como pintor"
"I can't deal with the anger"
"No puedo con el enojo(puedo con - deal with)"
"Are you from around here?"
"?Andas por aqui'? (to be)"
"I want to introduce you to my friend"
"Quiero presentarte a mi amigo"
"The pope's mediation led to peace between Argentina and Chile"
"La mediacio'n papal llevo' a la paz entre Argentina y Chile (llevar a (algo) - ) to lead to (something))"
"Cook wanted"
"Se busca cocinero"
"to have the right: (tener idiom)"
"tener derecho"
"They tossed him out of the school"
"Le echaro'n de la escuela"
"I asked if she had studied the lesson"
"Pregunte' si habi'a estudiaba la leccio'n"
"He tore the receipt into pieces"
"Hizo pedazos el comprobante(As part of an expression or idiom indicating an act of some kind:)"
"We went faster than 150 kilometers per hour"
"Pasamos de los 150 kilo'metros por hora"
"The train doesn't go through the city"
"No pasa el tren por la ciudad"
"Everybody traveled by foot but we in the middle class traveled by streetcar"
"Todo el mundo andaba a pie pero los de la clase media anda'bamos en tranvi'a"
"He fell on his head in the gymnasium"
"Dio de cabeza en el gimnasio"
"She was born to run"
"Nacio' para correr"
"Idiom - I have to talk but I'm jittery about it"
"Tengo que hablar pero no las tengo todas conmigo"
"How's it going for him?"
"?Co'mo le va a e'l? (?co'mo + indirect object pronoun + ir?)"
"Here we are not trying to win hearts and minds because it is irrelevant"
"Aqui' no tratamos de ganar mentes y corazones porque es irrelevante (tratar de + infinitivo to try to)"
"Ingrid runs the artists' store"
"Ingrid lleva la tienda de artesania"
"Idiom - I think they'll win"
"Tengo para mi' que ganara'n"
"Fahrenheit 451' is about a totalitarian society where books are banned"
"Fahrenheit 451' trata de una sociedad totalitaria donde los libros esta'n prohibidos (tratar de tratarse de to speak about to have as a subject)"
"The recession is behind us"
"La recesio'n ha quedado atra's"
"I couldn't do anything less than giving thanks"
"No pude menos que dar gracias (could do / couldn't do Mas menus)"
"Pablo was asking about you"
"Pablo preguntaba por ti"
"I'll be able to do what I want"
"Podre' hacer lo que quiero"
"We are going to meet my parents"
"Vamos para conocer a mis padres (ir para + infinitive)"
"I lost my freedom but I became happier"
"Perdi' mi libertad pero gane' en felicidad"
"They are asking for his professional opinions about the project"
"Solicitaron sus opiniones profesionales sobre el proyecto"
"I'll overlook your mistakes"
"Pasare' por alto tus errores (phrase)"
"The boat is too big to pass through the canal"
"El barco no cabe por el canal"
"Idiom - The umbrella was leaning on the car"
"El paraguas teni'a sobre el coche"
"Idiom - She had a baby girl"
"Tuvo una hija"
"He is wearing a white shirt She is dressed in blue"
"e'l va con camisa blanca Ella va de azul (ir de ir con)"
"I used to make fun of my brother"
"Me rei'a de mi hermano (de)"
"This change will affect the way you do business with your long-distance company"
"Este cambio afectara' la manera en que usted trata con su compan''i'a de larga distancia (tratar con to trade with to do business or negotiate with: )"
"It is impossible to speak with you for you have become very cynical"
"Es imposible hablar contigo te has vuelto muy ci'nica"
"The concert ended"
"Se acabo' el concierto"
"as far as I'm concerned (idiom)"
"Por lo que a mi' me toca"
"Angelita put the letter in the mail"
"Angelita echo' la carta al correo"
"Why should he leave?"
"?Por que' habri'a de salir?(expressing a much weaker and often vague sense of obligation)"
"I only asked that they repair the roof"
"So'lo pedi' que repararan el techo"
"Who's keeping track of the score?"
"?Quie'n lleva cuenta del resultado? (llevar cuenta)"
"I beg you to have pity on my mother"
"Te ruego que tengas piedad con mi madre"
"Do you want to ask a question?"
"?Quieres hacer una pregunta? (As part of an expression or idiom indicating an act of some kind:)"
"My mother passed on to me her capacity to hope"
"Mi madre me dejo' su capacidad de esperanza"
"The Disney Channel showed the movie with new scenes"
"Disney Channel paso' la peli'cula con escenas nuevas"
"La dieron por feliz Doy la lucha por concluido"
"She was considered to be happy I consider the fight to be over"
"We went shopping (ir de compras)"
"Fuimos de compras"
"The countries that introduced the most radical reforms seemed to benefit the most from them"
"Los pai'ses que introdujeron las reformas ma's radicales pareci'an beneficiarse ma's de las mismas"
"Had enough of everything on TV?"
"?Basta de todo en TV?"
"It isn't enough to close the concentration camp"
"No basta con cerrar el campo de concentracio'n (bastar con)"
"Idiom - I have nothing to do with hunting"
"No tengo nada que ver con cazar"
"I'll stay two days"
"Estare' dos di'as"
"The mother contradicted herself on numerous occasions during her testimony"
"La madre se contradijo en numerosas ocasiones durante el testimonio"
"We're leaving at 3 right?"
"Salimos a las tres ?estamos?"
"He is walking to the school"
"Va andando a la escuela (ir andando ir corriendo)"
"The company earned very little money"
"La compan''i'a ganaba muy poco dinero"
"We'll try it again"
"Volveremos a intentarlo"
"Could you wash the dishes for me?"
"?Podri'a lavarme usted los platos? / ?Podi'a lavarme usted los platos?"
"She could have left at 3 o'clock"
"Pudo salir a las tres"
"The law didn't satisfy anybody"
"La ley no dejo' satisfecho a nadie (followd by adjetive)"
"It's a terrific day"
"Hace un di'a esple'ndido ( In some cases hacer can become the equivalent of 'to be')"
"At that moment I realized that I didn't have any money on me"
"En ese momento me di cuenta de que no lleve' dinero encima (llevar llevar encima)"
"I am asking you to my house"
"Te invito a mi casa"
"A guilty verdict is not enough to do justice"
"Una sentencia de culpabilidad no basta para hacer justicia (basta para)"
"there will be much traffic"
"Habre' mucho tra'fico"
"He was in favor of freedom for the slaves"
"Estaba por la liberacio'n de los esclavos (estar por)"
"Idiom - He didn't keep in mind the opinion of his children"
"No teni'a en cuenta la opinio'n de sus hijos"
"I liked the film"
"Me gusto' la peli'cula"
"He puts up with defeat very well"
"Lleva muy bien las derrotas (llevar (algo))"
"I am slowly learning the lesson"
"Voy aprendiendo la leccio'n (ir + gerund)"
"Leave me alone! I have to study"
"!De'jame! Tengo que estudiar"
"She makes me laugh"
"Me hace rei'r (hacer non reflexive)"
"We're about to leave"
"Estamos para salir (estar para)"
"Undoubtedly he's sad It's fitting that I can be here"
"No cabe duda que esta' triste Cabe que puedo estar aqui'"
"It isn't necessary to wear your hat"
"No es necesario llevar el sombrero"
"I'm thinking about what might have been"
"Pienso en lo que pudo ser"
"Idiom - It is 23 centimeters wide"
"Tiene 23 centi'metros de ancho"
"He had much success writing about his city's problems"
"Gano' mucho e'xito escribiendo sobre los problemas de su ciudad"
"I believe there are some dogs that can't be trained"
"Estoy en que hay perros que no pueden ser entranados (estar en que)"
"Idiom - I consider (or take) Roberto to be foolish"
"Tengo a Roberto por tonto"
"Two weeks before knowing she was pregnant Britney predicted her motherhood in a song"
"Dos semanas antes de saber que estaba embarazada"
"She drove the car to Madrid"
"Llevo' el coche a Madrid"
"Idiom - He stood up firm to his enemies"
"Se tuvo firme al sus enemigos"
"We're off in search of a new house"
"Vamos por una casa nueva (ir por)"
"She found trouble on the streets"
"Ella se la busco' en las calles (too look for trouble)"
"Now many of them have become unemployed"
"Ahora muchos de ellos se han quedado sin trabajo"
"I decided to leave"
"Me di por (o en) salir"
"Idiom - I'm all tired out"
"Estoy que no me tengo"
"He played as hard as he could"
"Jugaba a ma's no poder"
"He acted like he understood nothing"
"Hizo como que no entendi'a nada (To indicate the taking of a role: )"
"I don't have relationships with people older than I am"
"No me trato con gente mayor que yo (tratarse con to have dealings with or be on speaking terms with)"
"t's the only thing left for me to know"
"Es lo u'nico que me queda por saber"
"Zupo gave the talk to his players"
"Zupo les echo' la charla a sus jugadores"
"Pablo is going to become a doctor"
"Pablo va para me'dico (ir para + type of job or career)"
"Most of the critics took it as a joke"
"La mayori'a de cri'ticos se lo tomaron a broma"
"as much as possible' or 'to the utmost'"
"ma's no poder"
"They used up the coupons"
"Se acabaron los cupones"
"We request that you indicate the complete telephone number"
"Le rogamos que indique los nu'meros de tele'fono completos"
"It has been only three months since we met"
"So'lo hace tres meses que nos conocimos"
"Susana isn't in"
"Susana no esta'"
"Today I give up smoking"
"Hoy dejo de fumar"
"We crossed the border and entered Portugal"
"Pasamos la frontera y entramos en Portugal"
"Did she ask you for money?"
"?Te pidio' dinero?"
"Idiom - Rest assured we are going downtown"
"Ten por seguro que vamos al centro"
"He's often short on money"
"Muchas veces anda mal de dinero (to be)"
"Whose turn is it? Whose job is it?"
"?A quie'n le toca?"
"Brazil and Italy ended up with a 2-0 score"
"Brasil e Italia se quedaron con el 2-0"
"Customers are asked to take appropriate precautions in order to protect their belongings"
"Se ruegan los clientes que tomen las precauciones oportunas para salvaguardar sus pertenencias"
"I know the building from top to bottom"
"El edificio me lo conozco de cabo a rabo (use reflexive)"
"She couldn't work because she was often sleeping"
"No podi'a trabajar porque dormi'a con frecuencia"
"Pedro took us to the airport"
"Pedro nos llevo' al aeropuerto"
"to be right: (tener idiom)"
"tener razo'n"
"There are signs that the connection isn't working well"
"Hay sen''ales que no anda bien la conexio'n"
"He had been given a very rough time"
"Le ha tocado un tiempo muy difi'cil"
"A Candelaria street bears the name of Jose' Rodri'guez Rami'rez"
"Una calle de Candelaria lleva el nombre de Jose' Rodri'guez Rami'rez"
"You can stay here"
"Puedes estarte aqui'"
"How can I get back to my normal weight?"
"?Co'mo vuelvo a mi peso normal?"
"I think you're right"
"Opino que tienes razo'n"
"We don't think we're in a new phase"
"No opinamos que estemos en una nueva fase"
"Pedro went back to his aunt's home"
"Pedro volvio' a casa de su ti'a"
"Idiom - The party will take place in my home"
"Tiene lugar la fiesta en mi casa"
"The girl has measles"
"La nin''a esta' con sarampio'n (estar con)"
"The beans sprouted"
"Se nacieron los frijoles"
"They didn't let me buy anything that wasn't recyclable"
"No me dejaban comprar nada que no fuese reciclable"
"They went to the church to pray"
"Fueron a la iglesia para rogar"
"Roberto thinks he's smart"
"Roberto va de inteligente (ir de)"
"Elisha cursed the children who were mocking him"
"Eliseo maldijo a los nin''os que se burlaban de e'l"
"I found my pencil in the school"
"Di con mi la'piz en la escuela"
"That machine gives off sparks"
"Esa ma'quina echa chispas"
"He is leaving his career to go into politics"
"Deja su carrera para irse a la poli'tica"
"May God bless them today and forever"
"Que Dios los bendiga hoy y siempre"
"Talk to Her"
"Habla con ella (con = to)"

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