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Cultural Foods


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Name a river in Italy
Po River
Name two islands that belong to italy
sicily and sardinia
Is most of Italy close to the coast?
Name a early group of people that influenced Italy?
In the 11th through 14th centuries what brought about the rise of the city states in Italy?
Conflict between the pope and the emperor
What is Florence also known as and why?
Golden City because of banking intrests of the Medici Family
When did Italy's center move back to Rome?
16th century
What three countires invaded Italy?
Spain, France, and Austria
Who united Italy in the 19th century?
Victor Emmanuel 2
What is the major religion?
Roman Catholic
Who is the head of the family in Italy?
Who controls everyday activities and budgets in Italy?
Are Conversations in Italy animated warm and expressive?
Are feelings more or less important than objective facts in a discussion in Italy?
Do people talk about religion, politics and off color jokes in Italy often?
Are breakfasts light in italy?
Which meal is the main meal of the day in Italy?
What is appetizer in Italian?
What is the favorite Italian beverage?
What is Panettone
Bread of Tony, a sweat bread that usualy contains citron and pine nuts
What is Pandoro?
(golden bread) which is a kind of Italian sweat bread
What is the carnivale di ivrea, and what foods are eaten during it?
Carnival of oranges, high calorie foods before lent, specificaly I fagioli grassi and polenta and cod
What and when is Ferragosto?
Marks the end of summer season, August 15th
What part of Italy uses more Olive oil and what part uses more butter?
South-Olive Oil
What is Prosciutto?
thin slice of Parma Hams
Where are sausages made in italy?
What is the best known Italian cheese?
What is Italy's staple?
Wheat pastas
Where are ribbon shaped pastas found?
Regions North of Rome
Where are tubular shaped pastas found?
Regions South of Rome
What kind of pasta is Rotini?
Spiral or twists
What kind of pasta is Farfalle?
What kind of pasta is conchiglie?
Medium Shells
What kind of pasta is Capellini?
Angel Hair
What kind of pasta is Ditalini?
Little Thimbles
What kind of pasta is fettuccine?
small ribbons
What kind of pasta is orzo?
Barley Pasta
What kind of pasta is vermiccelli?
"little worms", thinner than speghetti
What kind of pasta is Radiatore?
What kind of pasta is Ziti?
Medium sized tubular pasta
What kind of pasta is Fusilli?
Twisted speghetti, long spirals
What kind of pasta is linguine
"little tounges" thinnger fettuccine
What kind of pasta is Rigatoni?
Larged groved pasta
What are common seasonings in Italy?
Garlic, parsley, and basil
What is the pasta like in north Italy?
-Made with Eggs
-Flat Ribbon Shape
-Often stuffed with cheese or meat with cream sauce
-More butter, dairy, rice, and meat
What is the pasta like in the south of Italy?
-No eggs in Pasta
-tubular shapes
-Often with tomato sauce
-More olive Oil
-Little Meat
-More beans and vegies
What are 4 Italian Specialties near Milan?
Risotto, Polenta, panettone, Gorgonzola
What is the specialty in Venice?
What is 6 specialties of Bologna?
lasagne, Tortellini, Cappelleti, Mortadella, Prosciutto, and Parmesan cheese
What are 3 specialties of Florence?
green spinach noodle, chianti, casstagaccio alla fiorentina
What are 5 specialties of Rome?
Fettucine alfredo, saltimbocca, gnocchi, fried artichokes, pecorino romano
What are 6 specialties of Naples?
Pizza, Pasta e fagiole, calzone, mozzarella, provolone, ricotta
What are 11 specialties of Sicily?
Lamb, tuna, sardines, baccalo, cuscus, cannoli, cassata, gelato, granita, spumoni, zeppole
France is the ______ largest country in europe?
What Island belongs to france?
What mountains are in France?
Pyrenees and Alps
Name two rivers in France?
Seine and Rhine
Does france have good agricultural weather?
Which country is the agricultural leader of europe?
What crops are grown in France?
sugar beets
varuous fruits and vegitables
especialy grapes
Is fishing a main industry in France?
When did France begin to convert to Christianity?
5th century
When are the middle ages?
5th - 15th centuries
when was the renaissance?
14th-16th centuries
What happened in France during the renaissance?
More art, music, literature, science, medicine
When was the french reveloution and what did it do?
1789 and established the first republic in 1792
When was Napolean Bonaparte's Years?
What is the main religion in France?
What are not popular subjects to talk about in France?
Job, religion, and politics
Are french people expressive?
Are french people polychronistic and what does it mean?
Yes and it means being able to multitask
Name the two types of Cuisines in France?
Haute and provincial
What kind of sauce is Bechamel?
Basic white sauce made with milk and roux
What kind of sauce is Espagnole?
Brown sauce made with brown stock, mirepoix, and roux
What kind of sauce is Veloute?
White sauce made with white stock, roux, onions, and spices
What kind of sauce is Hollandaise?
Egg yolks, butter, and seasonings
What kind of sauce is Bearnaise?
Hollandaise flavored with reduced vinager, shallots and seasonings
Are breads made with white flour in France?
What kind of bread is Brioche?
Is breakfast heavy in france?
no. its light
What is the largest meal of the day in france?
What is unique about many regions France during midday?
stores close for two hours
When is the salad eaten during a meal in france?
After the main course and before desert
Do French people snack alot?
What are 3 traditional dishes in france during christmas?
Pudding, Blood or pork sausage and a goose or turkey with chestnuts
In Provence France what type of meat is eaten during christmas, and how many deserts are served?
Cod fish
What three things cant you have during lent in france?
Eggs, fat, or meat
What is a traditional food for easter in france?
Meat pie
What kind of food is there in the French region of lle de France?
Classic french cuisine
beef, veal, fruits and vegitables
What is Brie?
Semisoft mild flavored cheese
What kind of foods are served in the French region of Normandy?
dairy products
What is Calvados and where in france is it from?
Apple Brandy
What region in france is famous for its butter?
What is Camembert?
French cheese that is semi soft with mild flavor like Brie
What kind of foods are served in the French region of Brittany?
apple cider
What kind of foods are served in the French region of Loire Valley and what is it known as?
Garden of France
Finest fruits and vegitables
and Vouvray
What kind of wine is Vouvray?
A dry white wine
What kind of foods are served in the French region of Champagne and what country influences its cuisine?
and germany influences its cuisine
What kind of foods are served in the French region of Alsace-Lorraine?
German foods
Quiche Lorraine
Wine like German Rhine wine
What type of wine is Kirsch?
Cherry wine
What is Bordeaux famous for?
Red wine
What kind of foods are served in the French region of Provence?
Similar foods to Italy and spain
Where is Burgandy located?
Southeast of Paris
What 2 kinds of wine are found in Burgandy?
Chardonnay, and pinot noir
What are three waters boardering scandanavia?
Gulf of Bothnia
Is Norway mountainous?
Where did most people settle in Norway?
Near the sea
Is fish an important part of the scandinavian diet?
How much percent of the land is cultivated in the following countires: Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway?
Denmark 50%
Sweden 9
Finland 9
Norway 3
What are common agricultural products in Scandinavia?
Potatoes, Sugur beats, turnips, and barley
What animal products is Denmark known for?
When age did people inhabit scandinavia?
Bronze age
During WW2 what happened to each scandinavian country?
Norway and Denmark were invaded by Germany
Sweden remained neutral
Finland aligned with Germany
How much did finland pay to soviet union after WW2?
300 million
What scandinavian countires are constitutional Monarchies and what countires are democratic?
Denmark, Norway, Sweden are constitutional monarchies
and Iceland and Finland are democratic Republics
What is the major religion in Scandinavia?
Are people analytical in Scandinavia?
Are emotions controlled in scandinavia?
What is Lutefisk?
Smoked cod in Lye
What is Gravlax fish?
Salmon in dill
What is Lox fish?
Smoked salmon
Name four scandinavian fish dishes?
Lutefisk, gravlax, lox, and Pickled herring
What is tybo, danbo, havarti, and crema dania
measures of how the fermented milk product is.
Danbo is firm
Havarti is slightly acidic
Name three scandinavian fermented dairy products?
Sour Cream, Cheese, and butter milk
What kind of bread is a staple food item in scandinavia?
Rye bread
When is coffee served in scandinavia?
After a meal
What is Aebleskivers?
spherical danish pancake puffs
What is marzipan?
Scandinavian almond paste
What is wienerbrod?
Vienna Bread
Name 5 common foods of scandinavia?
Apples, potatoes, cabbage, onions, and beets
what is done to scandinavian meat?
combined with other ingredients to strech
What is fricadeller for danes?
Fried ground pork or veal patties with breadcrums and onions
How often is beer consumed in scandinavia?
Every day
What is Aquavit?
means water of life, liquor made from the distillation of potatoes or grain
What is eaten for lunch in scandinavia?
Smorrebrod in denmark, which is an open faced sandwich eaten with knife and fork
What is the order of food eaten for dinner in scandinavia?
Appetizer, soup, entree, vegitables, then dessert
What meal is potatoes eaten with in Scandinavia?
What is eaten for christmas eve in scandinavia?
Rice porridge sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon
green peas boiled potatoes and mustard
and cookies and cakes
When is midsummers day?
June 24th
What is a popular secular scandinavian holiday?
Midsummers day
What is done during midsummers day?
maypoles, bonfires, feasting
What is eaten during midsummers day in sweden, norway, and finland?
Sweden-Fish potatoes and strawberries
Norway- Rommergrot (cream pudding)
Finland-potatoes with smoked salmon

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