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Social Studies-1st Trimester Test


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_______ are the descendants of the first people to reach the Americas thousands of years ago
Native Americans
thick sheets of ice
objects made by humans that are used by archeologists to learn about cultures
land bridge far north that joined Siberia to Alaska, today it is under the Bering Strait
_______ is the entire way of life that a people has developed by the way they are living
a long dry spell
houses of snow and ice
small skin boats
a region in which people share a similar way of life
culture area
specially chosen tribal leaders
it included 5 nations: Mohawk, Seneca, Oneondaga, Oneida, & Cayuga
League of the Iroquois
writing that uses pictures to represent words & ideas invented by the Myan priest
The Mayan civilization boasted skills in _____, _____, ______
mathematics, astronomy, & writing
The Mayan Social Classes: 1. Priests
they have the knowledge to perform ceremonies for good harvests and victory in battle, dressed decoratively
The Mayan Social Classes: 2. Nobles
government officials and warriors
The Mayan Social Classes: 3. Peasant farmers
large class
The Mayan Social Classes: 4. Slaves
prisoners of war
Who were chosen to lead in war in the Aztec Society?
the Emperor...1st Class
Who performed rituals, gave advice, and ran schools in the Aztec Society?
the Priests...2nd Class and has equal importance as Nobles
Who served as officials, judges, and governors in the Aztec Society?
the Nobles...3rd Class and has equal importance to Priests
Who can become nobles by killing or capturing enemies and they can fight in wars in the Aztec Society?
the Warriors...4th Class
Who often acted as spies for the empire in the Aztec Society?
the Merchants...5th Class and has equal importance to the Artisans
Who passed skills on to their kids and are artists in the Aztec Society?
Artisans...6th Class and has equal importance to the Merchants
Who made up most of population in the Aztec Society?
Farmers...7th Class
Who are mostly captives or criminals in the Aztec Society?
Slaves...8th Class
What were the religious beliefs of the Incas?
They worshipped the Sun god, chosen women of the sun-helped emperor, sweat of god
a French word meaning rebirth. it lasted from the late 1300s to about 1600-a rebirth of learning
a group of people who settle in a distant land and are ruled by the government of a native land
spanish conquerers
a waterway through or around North America to Asia
Northwest Passage
Who was a German monk, broke from Catholic Church, and started protestant group
Martin Luther
French profited from _____, ________, and _________
fishing, trapping, and trading
Coureurs de bois means:
runners of the wood
Mississippi River a.k.a.:
Father of the Waters
Who explored the Mississippi River?
Jacques Marquette
Who raised money to set up a colony in North America?
Sir Walter Raleigh
Colonists landed on _______, and island off the coast of present-day North Carolina
Where was the Jamestown Colony settled?
Between north of Roanoke and the Potomac River
what is a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company
who was a young explorer who helped to save the Jamestown Colony
John Smith
What happened in the Jamestown Colony when they began growing tobacco?
their economy became more stable
By 1620, England was importing more than how many pounds of tobacco?
over 30,000 pounds
______ is an assembly of men along with the governor that made laws for the colony (a representative government)
House of Burgess
a great charter that was a document stating the king could not raise taxes without consulting the Great Council
Magna Carta
the Magna Carta established the idea that the __________________________________________________
English monarchs had to obey the laws of the land
Pilgrims called their new colony _______
________, learned English from early explorer, introduced Pilgrims to Massasoit. Chief of local ___________
Samoset, Wampoanog
Who was a lawyer and devout Christian?
John Winthrop
John Wintrop's followers were part of a religious group known as _______
Puritans persuaded royal officials to grant a charter to form the _________ in New England
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Who was chosen as the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
John Winthrop
Under the charter only ____________ had a right to vote
stockholders who invested in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Who left Massachusetts because he wanted strict limits on government?
Thomas Hooker
Thomas Hooker and the 100 settlers with him settled in a town along the Connecticut River and called it _____
Who was a young minister who believed the Puritans had too much power?
Roger Williams
What else did Roger Williams believe?
he believed that church and state should be completely seperate
Who was a devout Puritan who was banished from Massachusetts and fled to RI because she questioned the authority of Puritan ministers
Anne Hutchinson
Anne Hutchinson became an important symbol of the
struggle of religious freedom
At the center of each town or village was a ______, an open field where cattle grazed
Where could settlers discuss and vote on many issues
town meetings
Inuits are the _______________ aka ________
people of the Arctic, aka Eskimos
Where does the Great Basin lie in the US?
in the intermountain region
The location of the Plateau is between the ___________ and the ____________
Rocky Mountains and the Cascade Mountains
These tribes are part of what area: Iroquois, Cayuga, Mohawk, Seneca, Onodaga, and Oneida
the Eastern Woodlands
The tribes of the Eastern Woodlands formed a league where a council of 50 special chosen tribal leaders met once a year to _________
make decisions for the league
Dutch officials granted large parcel of land to who?
rich families
the owners of these states were called _________
Peter Stuyvesant, the governor of the colony surrendered to England in 1664, over _____________
problems with trade
The Duke of York gave some New York land to friends, which they set up as a ____________________, New Jersey
proprietary colony
Who were free to divide the land and rent it to others, make laws for the colony, but had to respect rights of colonists under English law
In 1702, New Jersey became a ________, colony being under control of the English crown
royal colony
1701 settlers in the Lower Counties of PA were able to ________________
elect their own assembly
The settlers in the Lower Counties of PA later broke away and became the colony of ______
What are crops that were sold for money called?
cash crops
The Middle Colonies exported so much grain that they became known as the __________________
Breadbasket COlonies
___________________________ is an old Iroquois trail followed by settlers to the backcountry
The Great Wagon Road

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