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History 101 Terms and Dates Unit 2 part 2


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-1 of the 3 divides of the Roman Empire -consists of much of Italy, France(Gaul), Anglo Saxon Kingdoms and Ireland -contained Germanic,Christian, and Classical Elements
Western Christendom
-1 of the 3 divides of the Roman Empire -headed at Constantinople -consisted of the Balkan Peninsula, parts of Italy, Asia Minor -center of Christianity
Eastern Roman Empire
-1 of the 3 divides of the Roman Empire -largest empire
Islamic Empire
-primitive people -Indo-European language -migratory -tribe was the style of government
Germanic Tribes
-settled in France -first of Germanic tribes to convert to Catholicism
-497 converted to Catholicism -leader of Franks -baptized along with entire tribe
-pushed back into Wales and into Ireland by Anglo Saxons
-emperor who codified Roman Law -
Emperor Justinian 537-565
-code developed by Emperor Justinian -this code spread Roman Law throughout Europe except for Anglo Saxons
Code of Justinian
-church built under Justinian -built in Constantinople -also called Santa Sophia
Church of Holy Wisdom
-3rd great monotheistic religion -built from Christianity -sees Mohammed as the last prophet -began in Arabia at city of Mecca
-most important prophet in Islamic religion -began Islamic movement -forced to flee from Mecca to Medina
-birth of Islam took place here -Muslims are required to make a pilgrimage here
Mohammed's flight from Mecca
Hegira 622 AD
-city that Mohammed fled to from Mecca
-Islamic bible -seen as sequel to Christian Scriptures
-religious and secular leader of the Islamic Empire
-means personal struggle -attempt to spread Islam by means of military
-capital of Syrian Empire -center of Muslim movement
-dynasty that rules the Frankish Kingdom -consists of Charles Martel, Pepin, Charelmagne, and Louis the Pious
Caarolingian Dynasty
-battle in which Charles Martel defeated the Muslims -stirrups were used by Franks in this battle
Battle of Tours 732
-staes ruled by the pope -now vatican city
Papal States
-city on German and Dutch border -Charlemagne builds a cathedral here
-invade England from Scandanavia -barbarians -also referred to as Normans
-Asian invaders -not slavic -also known as Hungarians
-need for protection and security -no form of effective government -people aligned themselves to local leaders for protection -leaders demanded allegiance from them
name the three estates
clergy, nobility, commonors
-live in city -middle class
-relationship ONLY between those of the nobility class -lord/vassal relationship
feudal compact
-lord give fief (land) to vassal -lord gets to collect taxes on this land -vassal does military service for lord -vassal is loyal to lord -vassal makes payments and provides lord with hospitality
lord/vassal relationship
lord vassal relationship is an ______
lord to whom one owes his primary allegiance
liege lord
land that directly belongs to the king, not used as a fief
crown lands
-mosque built on top of a synagogue -Mohammed ascends into heaven here
Dome of the Rock
-song that told stories of Charlemagne's battles with the Muslims
Song of Roland

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