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Class 8 - History - Industrial Revolution and Imperialism


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Define socialism.
Socialism aimed at establishing a society that would provide equal opportunities to all. It is a social order in which the means of production are owned by the government and workers would have a share in the profits.
Name two great German thinkers who proposed communism.
Karl Marc and Friedich Engels.
She was the person whom her husband honoured with an invention.
Jenny Hargreaves
He invented a locomotive that could help haul heavy loads,
George Stephenson
It was this invention of his that could make everything mechanised.
Steam engine by James Watt
He was the first to use mass production methods.
Eli whitney.
Name the inventions made during the early years of the Industrial revolution.
Steam engine, Flying shuttle, Spinning Jenny, Water frame , Mule, Cotton Gin
Name the two writer swho asked the workers to unite.
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
Name the countries which colonised other countries in Asia and Africa.
England France, Portugal , Spain, Germany , Italy, Belgium . Holland , Denmark, USA, Russia and Japan.
Name th only Asian Country to become an imperialist.
Which countries did Japan annexe?
Korea and then launched anattak on China.
Name three techniques or stages of production from medieval times.
Craft Guilds, Domestic System, Factory System.
Name two classes that emerged after the Industrial Revolution.
Rich capitalists and poor workers.

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