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Int2 History - Road To War


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what happened in 1919?
Treaty of Versailles
what happened in 1933?
Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany
when was Hitler sent to jail ? and what did he do there?
he was sent to jail in 1923. He wrote a book called \'Mein Kampf\'- my Struggle.
when does Hitler start to Rearm?
What did Germany and Britain do in 1935? and what did it state?
Anglo- German naval deal - parity in the air, navy could be 35% of Britain\'s.
what did the Locarno Pact state? and which countries signed and when did they sign it?
the Locarno Pact was between Germany and France in 1925. it stated that Germany would respect her western borders if France left her to decide her own eastern border.
when and why was the locarno pact broken?
1935 when France tried to become friend with Russia.
what happened on 7th sat (march) 1936?
Hitler marched into Rhineland with 22,000 soldiers
By remilitarizing Rhineland Hitler took a gamble, why did it pay off?
*French found out about the Anglo-german Naval deal and no longer trusted Britain. *All of France\'s money was going in to the Maginot line *Britain and France overestimated the German government. *Versailles Guilt - Britain
Hitler\'s foreign policy?
*expansionist *racist *aggressive *destroy Treaty Of Versailles
what\'s Lebensraum?
Living space
what was in the Hossbach Memorandum?
*take over Austria [Case otto] *take over Czechoslovakia [case green] *take over Russia *take over Poland [Case white] *defeat Britain and France *germany must be ready for war at 1938 and at the latest 1943-45
what\'s the word for the union of Germany and Austria ?

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