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10% Plan
Lincoln's plan to allow southern states to return peacefully
The adoption of another culture
Adam /Onis Treaty
Treaty who got Fl to america
Spanish "governor" of FL
Anaconda Plan
U.S plan to strangle south to surrendering
Armed Occupation Act
US law passed in 1842 granting 160 acres to any former soldier who wanted to move to florida
Region of western Fl more commonly associated with hunters/ tappers/ poor famers
Barefoot Mailman
Nickname given to South Florida's early mailman
The land bridge that once connected Asia and N. America
Bimini Boats
Boats used to smuggle alcohol, fast and shallow
Black Codes
Unofficial rules that freedmen had to follow in Fl
region in northern FL that have lots of slaves
Bounty system
system adopted by US army to capture seminoles during the 3rd indian war
Cash Crop
any crop harvested for sale, such as cotton, tobacco and rice
spanish nickname given to Seminoles
Circuit Riding
name given to the remote travels of judges or preachers to early Florida farms
An instrument used in navigation, always points north
Continental Congress
An organization formed by Americans during their call for independence
Cow Cavalry
Special army in charge of defending the cattle herds
The way of life of a group of people
The right to vote is taken away
Spanish system of forced labor by Native A. in FL
FL cracker
nickname given to poor yeoman white farmers in early FL
A military position created to defend a region or a settlement
name given to newly freed slaves in south
Freedmen's Bureau
A government agency created to help freedmen with jobs, homes etc
Guerrilla Warfare
Type of warfare where no battles, hit and run
Hot shot
Cannon ball heated, designed to start fires on the targets
A tropical Storm with winds over 75 mph
Jim Crow laws
Laws in FL designed to stop political / social participation of freedmen
terroist in Fl targeted freedmen with violence
literacy test
a reading test required of freedmen in Fl prior to allowing them to vote
Louisiana Purchase
Purchase of a vast tract of land west of the Mississippi by the US in 1803
deadly disease common in FL because of swamps and mosquitoes
Manifest Destiny
American Belief in the 1800's that the US had a God given right to control N. America
Martial Law
Rule of military, civil rights suspended
Spanish word for massacre, used often by conquistadors to name sites of battle
Mass movement of people to a new homeland
Small military unit, organized by states to provide support for the army
Religious communities determined to spread Christianity to early FL tribes
muck bowl
area around lake ockechobee
rebellion against military authority
attitude in Fl where people were prejudiced against non-natives
To steer or guide a vessel
negro fort
old fort where slaves hide, destroyed by Duncan Clinch
People who moved from place to place in search of food/shelter etc.
a person who managed the slaves of plantation
Peonage System
System where people in debt work to pay off, gets tubertine
large farm used to grow cash crops, using slave labor
poll tax
a tax required of freedmen in FL before they can vote
The worship of more than one god
Populist Movement
movement where farmers tried to curb power of big businesses in FL
Nickname of the period where alcohol was banned
Railroad Baron
Name given to wealthy railroad owners who moved to FL
large area set aside for N. Americans by Feds
Southerns who helped northerners
withdrawal of Southern states from the US
System of payment where freedmen worked on plantations in exchange for land
Slave Codes
name given to set of rules or laws slaves had to obey in FL
Spoils System
Political System that rewards based on favors rather than ability
source of water
St. Josephs Constitution
FL's first state constitution ratified in 1838
region of eastern FL more commonly associated with large plantations
Tin Can tourist
Nickname given to tourists who drove automobiles to Fl's campgrounds
Treaty of Moultrie Creek
treaty signed by US and Sminoles that traded Tallahassee for land in the sounth in 1823
Treaty of Paris
Treaty that ended the Revolutionary war
Treaty of Payne's Landing
Treaty signed in 1832 where Seminoles agree to leave Fl in 3 years
German submarine
USS Maine
Warship sunk in 1898 starting the Spanish American War
Volstead Act
Law that started Prohibition, banned alcohol

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