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Geology Jimi Multiple Choice


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What happens in the metamorphism from limestone to marble? A.change in mineralogy B.change in texture C.a change in bulk chemistry D.all of the above
B.change in texture
Which type of cement used in the lithification of sedimentary rocks gives the red color A.silica B.iron oxides (hematite) C.carbonate (calcite) D.clays
B.iron oxides (hematite)
Metamorphic foliations form normal (perpendicular) to the⬦ A.maximum principle compressive stress axis B.maximum finite extension (X) axis) C.minimum principle compressive stress axis D.maximum finite shortening (Z) axis
D.maximum finite shortening (Z) axis
What kind of sediments are deposited directly from glacial ice? A.arkose B.breccia C.till D.greywacke
Which type of foliation is characteristic of the highest grade metamorphic rock? A.slaty cleavage B.gneissic layering C.phyllitic cleavage D.schistocity
B.gneissic layering
Which group of minerals is the most table at the pressures and temperatures found on Earth’s surface? A.olivine solid solution series B.plagioclase solid solution series C.clay minerals D.pyroxenes
C.clay minerals
What is the fundamental difference between mafic and felsic igneous rocks A.differences in their textures B.differences in their tectonic settings C.differences? They have no differences!!! D.Differences in their silica [SiO2] concentrations
D.Differences in their silica [SiO2] concentrations
Which kind of joints are characteristic of contraction due to cooling? A.horizontal joints B.unloading joints C.columnar joints D.exfoliation joints
C.columnar joints
What kind of sedimentary rock is characteristic of an active continental margin? A.arkose B.shale C.greywacke D.limestone
Which kind of rocks has beds? A.igneous B.sedimentary C.metamorphic D.hydrothermal
The saxifrage provided a local example of⬦ A.root wedging B.thermal expansion C.frost wedging D.jointing
A.root wedging
Mantle material partially melts along divergent plate boundaries due to⬦? A.adding water which acts as a flux B.friction C.heating D.decompression
As sediment maturity increases, what decreases? A.the % of quartz decreases as maturity increases B.the sorting decreases as maturity increases C.the % clays decreases as maturity increases D.the rounding decreases as maturity increases
C.the % clays decreases as maturity increases
Which erosional process involves the removal of detritus by water, air or ice? A.transportation B.mechanical weathering C.chemical weathering D.mass wasting
All seismic waves pass through solid rock. The tricky bit is passing through a fluid. Which type of seismic wave can pass through both solids and liquids? A.Love waves B.P-waves C.Rayleigh waves D.S-Waves
Which force acting on Earth is the most important agent for moving rocks and sediments from one place to another. A.Internal energy B.Weight of overburden C.Weight of air D.Gravity
D. Gravity
Which kind of process of the rock cycle is required for the formation of igneous rocks? A.Erosion B.Burial C.Melting D.Deposition
C. Melting
What group of minerals form the vast majority of the rock-forming minerals? A.Silicates B.Sulfides C.Carbonates D.Oxides
A. Silicates
Which line of evidence was not used by Alfred Wegener to support his hypothsis of the continental drift? A. Paleoclimatology of glaciers (tillties) & swamps (coal) B. Paleomagnetism and magnetic reversals C. Paleogeography of mountains with similar age
B. Paleomagnetism and magnetic reversals
Which of the following minerals is the hardest? A. Apatite B. Orthoclase C. Calcite D. Fluorite
B. Orthoclase
Which is not a consideration for ionic substitution within a mineral? A. the difference in atomic number B. the differences in ionic radii C. the differences in the ion’s valence state (charge) D. the differences in electonegativity
A. the difference in atomic number
Which planet does not belong with the others in this group? A. Neptune B. Jupiter C. Earth D. Saturn
C. Earth
Decompression cannot explain the partial melting associated with ⬦ A. Transforms B. Hot spots C. Convergence D. Divergence
C. Convergence
Which type of chemical bond is characterized by a large difference in electonegativities? A. ionic B. Metallic C. Covalent D. Van der Waals
A. Ionic
Which is not subject to change? A. An interpretation B. An explanation C. An qualitative observation or quantitative measurement D. A scientific theory
C. An qualitative observation or quantitative measurement
Which mineral property is the least reliable in making an id? A. Hardness B. Streak Color C. Cleavage D. Hand-sample color
D. Hand-Sample color
Which is a group of minerals? A. Silicone B. Silica C. Silicate D. Silicon
C. Silicate
Which part of a subduction zone consists of sediments scraped off the subducting plate + sediments shed off the volcanic arc + fragments of oceanic crust all mixed together and deformed by folding and thrusting? A. Accretionary Wedge B. Backarc Basin
A. Accretionary Wedge
Gauge (gage) pressure is this kind of data A. nominal data B. ordinal data C. interval data D. Ratio Data
C. Interval Data
What is an example of qualitative data? A. the chemical composition of a rock B. the modal composition of a rock C. the computed density of a rock D. the description of a rock
D. The description of a rock

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