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APUSH vocab chapter 31


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zimmerman note
note secretly proposing german-mexican alliance
jeanette rankin
first congresswoman
14 points
delivered by wilson; outlined what he was dissatisfied with
league of nations
organization of nations wilson guaranteed political independence to and territorial integrity
committee of public information
created to prepare people's minds for war, promoted war
espinage act
persecuted people who critized government war policy. directly effected
sedition act
persecuted people who critzed government war policy
industrial workers of the world
war industries board
made to assure we were producing enough at home and abroad
national war labor board
settled any possible labor difficulties that might hamper the war efforts.
food administration
He spurned ration cards in favor of voluntary meatless Tuesdays and wheatless Wednesdays, suing posters, billboards, and other media to whip up a patriotic spirit which encouraged people to voluntarily sacrifice some of their own goods for the war.
warren g harding
He won the 1920 election but he was unable to detect moral wrongs in his associates. He appointed "great minds" to office because he knew he lacked in intelligence, but a few of the men he appointed were morally lacking.
national women's party
lobbied for women's voting
john j pershing
led troops against pancho villa
meuse-argonne sector
cut German railroad lines and took 120,000 casualties.
henry cabot lodge
a very intelligent man who used to be the “scholar in politics” until Wilson came along and was therefore jealous and spiteful of Wilso
article x
which morally bound the U.S. to aid any member of the League of Nations that was victimized by aggression
During World War I, senators William Borah of Idaho and Hiram Johnson of California, led a group of people who were against the United States joining the League of Nations. Also known as "the Battalion of Death". They were extreme isolationists and were totally against the U.S. joining the League of Nations.

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