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History 230 Final Group 1


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Herbert Hoover
Became president in 1928 after Coolidge. The Economy was booming and depressions were considered natural at this time.
As Secretary of commerce under Harding and coolidge, Hoover had what had been called "Associationalism" He wanted to stimulate cooperation between business and government.
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Put billions of dollars into banks and corporations to keep them a float during the depression.
Places where homeless people lived
Franklin Roosevelt
Was America's most beloved president by the "common people" He went to Harvard College and became sick with polio.
The New Deal
the policies of social and economic reform introduced in the United States in the 1930s under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Bank Holiday
FDR closed all banks the day after his inauguration to avoid more foreclosures.
Emergency Banking Act
Entitled the government to issue loans to well managed banks to avoid closure and the loss of consumer savings
The Brain Trust
Was the nickname for FDR's cabinet which was comprised of graduates from yale,harvard, Etc...
The first 100 Days
FDR and his advisors were uappossed by congress in their efforts to revive the American economy
National Industrial Recovery Act (N.I.R.A.)
was designed to regulate companies and company codes were developed. Shorter hours and pay standards and union recognition
Agricultural Adjustment Act (A.A.A.)
was passed by congress which paid farmers NOT to grow in order to create better costs for goods.
Civil Works Administration (1st) (C.W.A.)
Employed 4 million people in urban areas to build roads and government buildings
Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C)
employed 250k men for conservation programs
Dr Francis Townsend
Was a dentist who helped form Social Security giving $200.00 per month to people over 60. All of these funds had to be spent. No saving was allowed nor were the people collecting allowed to work while they were collecting their benifits.
Father Charles Coughlin
Was a Canadian Catholic Preist who spoke over the radio blaming the economic crash on the jews and called the "New Deal" the "Jew Deal"
Huey Long
Was a Lawyer who became governor then senator who bucked the political machine in Luisiana and created share the wealth by building hospitals,schools and public works
The Second New Deal
Included labor support and also included (Works Progress Andministration, relief program and the social secutiy act as well as programs to aid tennant farmers and migrant workers
Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.)
A braoder program to build highways and artists were highered to paint murals, bridge builders were also contracted
Social Security Act
Was passed by congress to take care of America's elderly and disabled
National Labor Relations Act
AKA the (Wagner act) is a law that protects the rights of workers in the private sector to allow them to form labor unions and partake in strikes
Tennesee Valley Authority (T.V.A.)
Was passed by congress in FDR's first 100 days to build dams along the Tennesee river to prevent flooding and to also create hydroelctricity. They also became a major pollutor causing acid rain.
The court Packing Plan
In an effort to safeguard his progressive agenda FDR asked congress for authority to appoint up to 6 new justices to the supreme court. After much debate he eventually was able to appoint 7 new justices. He got what he wanted from the courts but damaged his political credibility as people saw his actions as an attack on constitutional government
Wasshington Naval Conference
Secretary of state proposes the five powers treaty.(A naval disarment treaty)
Five-Powers Treaty
Stated as to how the naval sizes would be proportioned between countries including US,UK,Japan,France,Italy
Four-Powers Treaty
An agreement between US,UK,Japan and france agreeing to respect the pacific posessions of the other nations
Nine-Powers Treaty
Was an agreement between the US,Europe, and japan that kept the open door policy in effect for China
Kellog-Briand Pact
AKA the pact of paris was a pact to agree that there would be no war between the US and france and then became a national anti war pact.
German Reparations
After the war Germany was required to pay 33 billion dollars to Great Brittan and France who require the money to repay the US and the US lends the money to germany. The funds flow in a circle
Good Nieghbor policy
Enacted by the US to improve relations with latin america. A treaty between US and Panama gave more money from the panama canal to Panamnians and The Platt amendment was canceled. Mexico was granted the rights to their own oil US corporations were paid for thier land losses
Fulgencio Batista
Ruled Cuba with the national gaurd until over thrown by Fidel Castro
Lazaro Cardenas
Was the president of mexico who pledged "Mexico for Mexicans" and form trade unions to strike against foriegn corporations such as standard oil
Mexican Petroleum Expropriation
Petroleum workers union formed to create new and imporved wages and labor laws. Including paid time off and medical and dental care. Mexicos oil was their own.

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