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IFSM 201


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what is input
any data or instructions entered into the memory of a computer
a progam
series of related instructions that tells a computer what tasks to perform and how to perform them
a command is
an instruction that causes a program to perfor a specific action
a user issues a user response by
replying to a question displayed by a program to perform certain actions
input device that contains keys users press to enter data and instructions into a computer
optical mouse
uses devices taht emit oand seense light to detect the mous'es movement
air mouse
allow you to control objects media players and slide shows by moving the mouse in predetermined directions through the air
mouse gestures
usesrs can perfomr certain actions by holding a mouse button while moving the mouse in a particular pattern.
a stylus
a small metal or plastic devic that looks like a tyn ink pen but uses pressure instead of ink
digital pen
features electronic erasers and programmable buttons
signature capture pad
captrues signatures written with a stylus pen or attached device

flatbed scanner
works in a mammer similar to a copy machine except it creates a file or document.
optical character recognition
reads characters from ordinary documents
optical mark recognition
reads hand drawn marks suck as small circles or rectangles
RFID radio frequency identification
uses radio signals to communicat wit an embedded tag place in or attached to an objec, an animal, or person
a termianl
is a computer usually with limited processing powr that enables users to send data to and or recieve information from a host computer
A POS point of sale terminal
records purchases , processes credit or debit cards and updates inventory
Once data is in memory the computer interprets and executes instructions to process the data into information
an input device is any hardware component that allows users to enter data and instructions into a computer
the command associated wtih a function key performs the same task within each program with which your are interacting
false commands vary with programs
touch sensitive pads typically contain buttos and or wheels that are operated with a thumb or finger
pixel is the smallest element in an electonic image

another window on the screen that displays notes and drawings simultaneously on al lparticipants screens
flatbed scanner works in a manner similar to a copy machine except it creates a file of the docment in memory instead of a paper copy
some phones use
where you press one key on the keypad for each leter in a word and softwore on teh phone predicts the word you want
predictive text input
architectects mapmakers designers artits and home users create drawings and sketches on a
graphics tablet
what is the most widely used biometric device today
figerprint reader
output is
data that has been processed into a useful form
output device
any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people
display device
output device that visually conveys text graphics and video information and consists of a scren and the components that produce infor on teh screen
LCD monitor
desktop monitor that uses a liquid crystal display to produce images
plasma monitor
a device that uses gas plasma technology whic substitutes a layer of gas for the liquic crystal material in an lCD monitor
CRT monitor
contains a cthode ray tube they take up more desk space and thus are not used much today

response time
the time in milliseconds it takes to turn a pixel on or off.
LCD screen is measure in nits
nit is a unit of visible light intensity equal to one candela per square meter the highe the nits the brighter the image
dot pitch
the distance in millimeters between pixels on a display device

contrast ratio
describes the difference in light intesnity between teh brightes white and darkest black that can be displayed on a monitor
non impact printer
forms characters and graphics on a piece of paper without actually strking the paepr. some spray ink while others use heat or pressure
two types of impact printers are
dot matric and line printer
a photo printer
produces phot lab quallity pictures
laser printer
high speed high quality non impact printer that operates in a manner similar to a copy machine
a mulitfuncitional peripheral
all in one printer
the form of output generated by a computer varies depending on the hardware and software being used and the requirments for the user
information on a dsiplay device is sometimes called a soft copy
most mobile compuers and devices do not integrate teh display and other components into the same physical case
widescreen LCD monitor are wider than they are tall
Ah HDMI port combines s video with high definition television
a printout in landscape is taller than it is wide
A LCD projector uses tiny mirrors to reflect ligh which produces crips bright colorful images
DLP procector
examples of output that primarily contain text based documents are
letters reports and email messages
uses organic molecues that produce and even brighter easier to read display than standard TFT displays
A Crt monitors veiwable size is the
measurement of the actual viewing are provided by the screen inteh monitor
Ink jet printer resolutin in measured by the number of
dots per minute
is a technology that sends resistance to a device in response to actions of the user
force feedback
storage medium
physical materal on which a compute keeps data, instructions, and information
the number of bytes a storage medium can hold
storage device
computer hardware that records and retrieves times to and from storgae media
process of transferring items from memory to a storgae medium

process of transferring these items from a storage medium into memory
hard dis
a storage device that contains one or more inflexible circular platters that use magnetic particles to store data instructions and info.
perpendicualar recording
hard disks align teh particles vertically making much greater storage capacity possible
coated with a material that allows items to be recorded magnetically on its surface it is made of aluminum glass or ceramic
read/write head or cylinder
the vertical section of a track that passes through all platters
is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors
narrow recordign band tghat forms a full circle on the surface of the dis
disk storage locations are divided into pie shaped sections which break the tracks into small arcs called sectors
transfer rate
the rate in which data instructions and info transfer to and from a storage device
access time
measures the amount of time it takes a storage device to locate an item on a storage medium
solid state drive
uses flash memory to store dat instructions and info
express card module
a removable device that fits into a express card slot.
cloud storage
internet service that provides storage for computer uses
a storage medium also called secondary storage is the physical materal on which a computer keps data instru, and info
reading is the proces sof transferring data instructions and info from memory to a storage medium
from storage medium to memory
formatting is the proces sof dividing the disk into clusters and cylinders
tracks and sectors

each cluster can hold data from many files
only one file
a tyical hard disk contains only one platter
contains many platters
a removalbe hard disk is a seperate free standing hard disk that connects with a calb eto a port on the system unit or communicates wireslessly
external hard drive
mirco sd and mini sdhc are comon types of removable hard drives
memory cards
Express card modules can be used to add memory storage, commumnications mulitmedia and security capabilites to a computer
the proces of writing on an optical disk is called ripping
HD VMD's have a capacity of 40 GB and more
BD-R is an older low capacity dVD recordable formate
high capacity
rewritable drives usualy can read one type of media
is the speed with which data instructions and info transfer to and from a device
transfer rate
traditionsally hard disks stored data using which alligne the magnetic particles horizontally around the surface of the disk
longitudinal recording
a group of two or more integrated hard disks is called a
redundant array independent disks
users subscribe to a cloud storage service to
save time b storing large files instantly
store offsite backups of data
allow others to access their files

is a type of storage media that consists of flat round portable disc made of metal plastic and laquer that is writen and rread by a laser
optical disk
technoly works with specially coated optical discs to etch labels directly on the disc
light scribe
on larger coputers tape cartidges are mounted in a seperate cabinet called a
tape library
card is a credit card entertainment card bank card or similar card with astrpe that contains information identyfing you on the card
magnetic stripe
system software
consists of the programs that contol or maintain the operations of a computer and its devices
operating system
set of progrmas containing instrucitons that work together to coordinate all the activetes among computer hardware and resources
utility program
performs maintenance type tasks usually related to managing a computer
user interface
controls how data and instructions are entered and how information is displayed on the screen
memory managememnt
optimizes the use of RAM
virtual memory
allocates a portion aof a storage medium to function as additional RAM
a small program that tells the operating system how to comm with a specific device
performance monitor
operating system program that assesses and report information about computer resources and devices
server operating system
is an operating system that organize and coordinates how mulitple user accss and share nework resouces.
the firmware with the coputers startup instructions performs the power on self test to chesk system components and compares the results with data in CMOS chip.
windows vista
microsofts fastest most efficient operating system to date
multipletasking operatins system available only for apple computers.
opperating sytesm developed at bell laboratories
popular multitasking operating sytem that is open source softwore which means code is available to the public for use, modification and redistribution
embedded operating system
popular embedded ops systems that resides on a ROM chip like windows embedded Ce, Windows Mobile, palm, Os, Iphone, Os, blackberry
windows embedded CE
scaled down windows op system designed for use on communications equipment, entertainment and computing devices with limited functionality.
Windows mobile
an operatins system based on windows embedded ce provides a use interfase designed for specific types of smart phones and PDA's.
file manager
performs functions related to file management
search utility
attemps to locate a file on your computer based on criteria you specify
all sizes of computers typically use the same operating system becuase operating systems generally are written to run on any type of computer


booting is the process of permanetly removing a computer from operation
permissions define who can acess certain resources and when they can access those resources
a device independent program is one that runs only on a specific type or make of computer
Linux is open source software which means its code can be modified and redistributed
windows includes three file mangers called explorers; docutments explorer, picture explorer and music explorer
an adware remover is a progm that detects and removes spam
phishing is a scam in which a perpetrator attemps to obtain your personal and or financial info
the chip which uses batter power stores conf info about the comp
window s users can increase the size of memory through which can allocate up to 4 gb of removable flash memory devices as additional memoery cache
windows ready boost
a is a mini prgm with min fuct that connects to another prgm or prov info
gadget or widget
when you enter search criteria instead of looking through every file and folder on the storage medium a search utility looks through teh
first to find a match
defragmenting reorganized the files on a disk so that they are located in
access time
contiguous sectors which speed
home and small office users can esaily can set up a network and secure it form hackers with
windows firewall
is a prgram that displays an online adv in a banner or pop up window on web pages, email or other internet services
a is a prgm that warns or blocks you from potentially fraudulent or supsicious web sites
web filter
computer security risk
any event or action that could casue a loss of or damage to computer hardware , software, daa infomation or processing capability
a potentially damaging program that affects or infects a computer negatively by altering the way a comput works
trojon horse
a program that hids withn a looks like a legitimate program
a program that hides in a computer and allows someone from a remote location to take full control of the computer
hardware theft
the act of stealing computer equipment
hardware vandalism
the act of defacing or destroying computer equipment
the unathorized and illegal duplicatiion of copyrighted software
access controls include
user name, password, or passphrase and CAPTCHA and a biometric device
perpertraters of cybercrie include
hacker, cracker, script kiddie, coporate spy, unethical employee , cyerextortionist and cyberterrorist
prevents information from theft and unathorized access by converting readible data into unreadable characters
to read encryption a recipient must
decrypt it
computer ethics
govern the use of computers and information systmes issues in computer ethics inclde the repsonsibility for information accuracy and intellectural property rights.
code of conduct
helps determin whether a specific computer action is ethical or unethical
a cookie
is a file that a wb server stores on a computer to collect data about the user
social engineering is
gaining unathorized access or obtaining confidential infor by taking advantage of the trusting human nature of some victims of the naivety of others.
not all breaches to computer security are planned
the term cyberwarface describes an attack whose goal ranges from disabling a goverments computer network to crippling a country
many methods exist to guarantee comletely a computer or network is safe from computer viruses or other malware
cybercrimnals install malicious bots on unprotected computers to create a zombie army
a honeypot is a computer that is islolated and therefore immune to attack
a computer used as bait
biometric payment involves a customers fingerprint being read by a fingerprint reader that is linked to a payment method such as a checking account or credit card
some businesses use a real tim location system to track and identify the location or high risk or high value items
a program called a keygen short for key generator creates software registration numbers and sometimes activation codes
with public key encryption both the originator and the recipient use the same secret key to encrypt and decrypt the data
sender uses recievers publick key to encrypt, reciever uses his private key to decrypt
a dignital signature is a mathematical formula that generates a code fromt eh contents of the message
this is a hash
digital rights mangement drm is a strategy designed to prevent illegal distribution of movies, music and other digital content
is a program that hides in acompture and allosws someone froma remot location to take full contol of the computer
malware is a term that can be used to describe
malicious software
is an assault whose purpose is to disrupt comptuer acces to an internet service such as the web or email
denial of service attack
involves the examination of computer media, programs,data and log files on computers, servers and networks
digital forensics
physical access contols such as locked doors and windows usualy are adequate to protect against
hardware theft
is programmed formula that the originator of the data uses to encryptee the plaintext and the recipient of the data uses to decrypt the ciphertext
encryption key
some organizations continually review their
which is a ratio that measures how much power enters the computer facility or data center against the amoun fo power required to run the computers
energy star program
as related to the use of computers
is defined as gainig unauthorized acces or obgtaining confidential information by tkaing advantage of the tursuting human natur eof some ivctis and the naivety of others
social engineering

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