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Exam 3 Psyc 206


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memory based learning
young male songbirds memorize adult song so they can reproduce it later in the second phase of song learning (sensorimotor)
instensified frequency bands in the spectrum of a voiced sound
voice onset time
for a consonant-vowel combination like b/a/ or p/a/ the time between letters (spoken), determines which consonant sound is perceived
vowel triangle
the "a" (in cot), "i" (in eet), and "u" (in zoo) form 3 points of the edges of a triangle which bound all the vowel sounds we can comfortably produce
categorical perception
we perceive a distinct phonetic boundary between b/a/ and p/a/ based on voice onset time
cross model speech perception
facial gestures associated with speech sounds (we lip read)
space occupying lesions
contents of cranium increase because of an abnormality like a tumor, compresses normal brain tissue
transient ischemic attack
reversible stroke cause by occlusion of a small blood vessel by a clot broken off from a larger vessel
inflammation of the meninges (bacterial and viral)
bacterial meningitis
disease of pia and arachnoid membranes, CSF protein elevated
viral meningitis
more benign, normal glucose but still elevated CSF, usually caused by enteroviruses
neoplastic disease
neoplasms are tumors, mostly gliomas in adults and medulloblastomas in children
toxic-metabolic disease
disorders cause by biochemical disruption of neural functioning (example- poisons)
inflammatory disease
caused by an abnormally high immune response, disrupt normal neural functioning
elevated cerebrospinal fluid pressure due to overproduction, blockage in ventricular system of failure to reabsorb CSF into dural sinus
multiple sclerosis
autoimmune demyelinating disease in which oligodendrocytes are attacked by the individuals immune system
carried by arthropods, esp mosquitoes (west nile, etc.)
neurotropic virus
enters nervous system directly (like rabies)
Field L
primary auditory area of avian telecephalon
talker normalization
adults categorize vowel sounds accurately after hearing speaker's ouput

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