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Forensics Ch. 4 and 7


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refractive index
the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to its speed in a given medium
distance between crests of adjacent waves
tempered glass
glass to which strength is added by introducing stress through rapid heating and casting
the separation of light into its component wavelengths
a uniform substance separated from other substances by definite visible boundaries
concentric fracture
a crack in a glass that forms a rough circle around the point of impact
depth of focus
thickness of a specimen that is entirely in focus under a microscope
plane-polarized light
light confined to a single plane of vibration
field of view
the area of the specimen that can be seen after it is magnified
the lens system uner the microscope stage that collects light rays from the base illuminator and focuses them onto the specimen
the bending of a light wave caused by a change in its velocity
a difference in the two indices of refraction exhibited by most crystalline materials
intensive property
a property that is not dependent on the size of an object
describes a microscope such that when an image is focused with one objective in position, the other objective can be rotated into place and the field will remain in focus
radial fracture
a crack in a glass that extends outward like the spoke of a wheel from which the point at which the glass was struck
visible light
colored light ranging from red to violet in the electromagnetic spectrum
vertical or reflected illumination
illumination of a specimen from above used to examine opaque specimens
a discrete particle of electromagnetic radiation
laminated glass
two sheets of ordinary glass bonded together with a plastic film
high energy, short-wavelength form of elecromagnetic radiation
a device that permits the passage of light waves vibrating in only one place
transmitted illumination
light that passes up from the condenser and through the specimen
Becke line
a bright halo observed near the border of a particle immersed in a liquid of a different refractive index

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