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Microscope Terms and Rules


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How do you remove a slide?
Rotate to lowest power objective. Lower stage to lowest setting.
how much light there is
depth of field
number of layers you can see
ability to determine between 2 points
ability to distinguish between light and dark areas
How do you store a microscope?
Rotate to lowest objective (4x). Lower stage. Remove slide. Turn off light. Unplug by pulling on plug. Wrap cord around base. Return to matching numbered slot in cabinet.
How do you carry a microscope?
Use 2 hands and carry by the arm and base close to the body. Don't let the cord dangle. Unplug by pulling on the plug not the cord. Place 5 inches from the edge of desk.
What are the steps for focusing a slide.
Lower stage and rotate to lowest objective (4x) Place slide on stage and clip into place. Center material over circle.
ability to enlarge an image
field of view
what you can see

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