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english exam

english exams


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what is the predominant literay element in the story? explain.(one oridnary day)
irony, because its ironic that johnsons trade places for a day
who wrote the red headed league
sir author connon dyle
what are some mistakes the crimanals make that lead to them being caught?
criminal has dirt on his kness, works at half wage, makes noises that can be heard,criminal goes to basement all the time,and hes caught in the act
name at least 2 things that could have tipped fortunato off
fortunato sees his family crest hardnening down above him while going down steps,pulled out trowel for stone masions
What is the main plot of The Time machine?
to travel through time
what is the theme of the gift of the magi?explain.
selfless giving, jim and della gave up their most prized possesions so they could give gifts for each other
describe mathilda's personality
poor, depressed,worthless,pretty,hopeful, irresponsible
what is the point wells is making regarding the future of humanity in this book?
decline of human mind
why are the gifts in the story referred to as gifts like those of the magi?
they gave unselfishly just like the magis
who wrote the time machine?
h g wells
what is the author of one ordinary day with peanuts?
shirley jackson
what did montresor have against fortunato?
he insulted his family
who are the enemies of the eloi?
who wrote the necklace?
guy de moapassant
from whom did mathilde borrow the necklace and for what purpose?
madame forestier, because she wanted to look rich at the party
who wrote dr. jekyll and mr hyde
robert louis stevenson
what is the theme of dr.jekyll and why?
if we try to rid ourselves of evil we could not exist
what is the theme of the cask of amontillado?explain.
vegence, when fortunato insults his family you know that he will want revenge due to the mean thing he did
how does jekyll make sure that people know what has really happened with him and his experiement.
he writes a letter
what is the theme of the story.explain(one ordinary day)
dont judge a book by its cover, because you learn that mr.johnson is a nice guy but then he trades places for a day and becomes mean
why does jekyll leave everything to hyde?
so he can live as hyde and incase he accidently gets stuck as hyde he can take care of himself
describe the human race that the time traveler found in the lear 802,701.
human race was divided into 2 species
who wrote the cast of amontialldo?
edgar allen poe
what is the sig, of the title to the story?(red headed league)
fake league to cover for criminals
what are the gifts Jim& della gave?
a gold watch chain, a comb
what is the sig of the title to the story?(one ordinary day)
gives peanuts to people. literally one ordinary day
what lessons can christians learn from this story(cask of amontialldo)
when you get drunk bad things can happen, dont murder people,dont insult others
how much money has della been able to save for the gift?
what is the experiment of dr.jekyll and the result.
tried to remove evil, he dies
what is the particular gift of mr.sherlock holmes
very observant
what discovery concerning dimension does the time traveler make?
he discovered the 4th dimension, which is time
describe mr.jeabez wilson.
small, fat, circle eyes, red headed,trusting,gulliable
2 main crimes of mr.hyde
murder and assault
how does this story fit in the theme of courage? explain.(the necklace)
instead of telling her that she lost it she worked for 10 yrs to pay debt and buy a new one
what does mathilda find out at the end of the story and what tragedy could have been avioded?(the necklace)
the necklace was fake,she could have told madame forestier she had lost it
who wrote the gift of the magi
what tactic does montresor use to coerce fortunato to follow him?
the wine he dank got him drunk

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