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St. Augustine
St. Monica, his mother, prayed for his conversion and he did become an early African bishop
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - 4 similar but unique views of Jesus' life and teachings
shortest of the four Gospels
Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures
_________ refers to the work of God in the life of the Hebrew nation; so it is sometimes referred to as the __________.
The Mass
our greatest communal prayer
Wisdom Books
includes books such as psalms and proverbs
Apostles Creed
conveys the "mind" or the "intention" of the 12 Apostles, dates back to the first decades of the Church, and a version is used during the sacrament of baptism
The 4 Gospels because they tell us about the life, teachings, saving death, and Resurrection of Jesus
Which books occupy the central place in the Bible?Why?
stories in which Jesus is a man of action
psalms and canticles
poems and prayers that were once sung
New Testament Historical Book
Acts of the Apostles- stories on how the Apostles spread the Good News of Jesus, written by the author of Luke
a solemn promise, or agreement, made between 2 parties
the book from which the Scriptures are read
Liturgy of the Eucharist
part of mass in which we celebrate and recieve communion
posture of listening and meditation
different from the Synoptic Gospels
probably the last Gospel written
New Law, New Covenant, Law of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
What is the New Testament called?
another name for the priest celebrating mass
Old Covenant, Old Law, Law of Moses
What is the Old Testament called?
first Gospel to be written
Prophetic Books
includes books such as Isaiah and Jeremiah
short stories told to make a point; Jesus' stories are the most well-known examples
the work of the people
considered to be greatest among saints in Heaven, mother of Jesus, mother of God
the point at which a person is named blessed
synoptic gospels
means "seeing the whole together" they are Matthew, Mark, and Luke
took on human nature
Old Testament
story of God's revelation from the beginning of time(creation) to right before the coming of Jesus
Lectio Divina
Ancient form of prayer with scripture
the mystery of one God in 3 persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
a personal conversation or dialogue with God
All Saints Day
celebrated on November 1
clearly presents Jesus as God's divine Son
Jesse Tree
sort of family tree which traces all that God has done throughout the ages to prepare for Jesus
Book of Remembrance
another name for the book of the dead
the spiritual principle within us
a summary of the true beliefs held by a group
Number of books in the New Testament
life and teaching of Jesus, oral tradition, and written Gospels
What are the three stages in which the Gospels were formed?
stories in which Jesus describes himself by starting with "I am"
the change of the whole substance of the Eucharist bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ
St. Katharine Drexel
she dedicated her life to helping African Americans and Native Americans
through nature, through ourselves, through others, prayer
4 ways God reveals himself
Second Reading
usually from the New Testament Epistles
New Testament Letters
from early Christian leaders to the 1st Christians and Christian community
God the Father
the origin/creator of everything
1st and 2nd Advent/ Coming of Christ
Christmas/ Parousia
God's communication of Himself and His plan of loving goodness throughout history
a theological virtue- our positive response to God
"Through Him with with Him, and in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours Almighty Father, forever and ever."
Caesar Chavez
20th Century Mexican American who devoted his life to improving conditions for migrant workers
we give God glory for his own sake, apart from what he does
is like us in all things except in sin
Pier Giorgio Frassati
praised for his embrace of "life's ordinariness"
St. John Damascene
defined prayer as "the raising of one's mind and heart to God"
Holy Spirit
the breath -life - of God
reflection on the meaning of the Gospel and how it applies to life
Torah, Pentateuch
1st five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
always read at every mass by a deacon, priest, or a bishop
Black Elk
served as a missionary to other Native Americans
All Souls Day
celebrated on November 2
Dia de los Muertos
Hispanic celebration of the day of the dead
4 candles/ candle flame
symbolizes 4 weeks/ Jesus- light of the world
Latin term Adventus, "coming"
stories that connect Jesus to important people in the Bible
one's calling or destiny in life
stories emphasizing Jesus' concern and passion for the poor
God the Father
has transcendent authority over all creation
New Testament and Christian Scriptures
_________ refers to the work of Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection shows God 's grace to everyone; it's sometimes referred to as the ____________.
the official process of naming a person a saint
Holy Spirit
God within us, giving hope and courage
Memorial Acclamation
we profess our belief in the passion, death. Resurrection, and glorious return of Jesus
Apocalyptic Book
Book of Revelation
Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed
What are the 2 main creeds of the Catholic Church?
Liturgy of the Word
part of the mass in which we listen to the Scriptures
we ask God to help other people, even our enemies
we express gratitude for something God has done
God the Father
we are his children
Holy Spirit
was at work in Jesus from birth through Resurrection
Old Testament Historical Books
includes books such as Judges and 1st and 2nd Kings
Number of books in the Old Testament
the one and only the Supreme Being
symbolizes God's eternal love, no beginning and no end
symbolizes hope and joy for approaching celebration
symbolizes God is always and will never end; life
New Testament
the story of God's revelation in Jesus, his life, and his Church
God the Son
the 2nd person of the Trinity
The Lord's Prayer
a wonderful summary of the whole Gospel of Jesus
symbolizes joyful preparation and expectations
our redeemer, savior, and friend
God the Father
a loving parent who shows uncoditional love
Penitential Rite
we pray that God will send His mercy to those gathered and make us worthy to participate in this Holy sacrament
First Reading
usually from the Old Testament
Concluding Rites
closing prayer, final blessing, and dismissal
we express true sorrow for the sins we have committed
posture of adoration
a sign of respect and honor
we ask God to give us something we need
2nd coming of Christ
before receiving commionunion and during the Nicene Creed
we acknowledge that we are creatures before our creator
Hebrew root word meaning "Savior"
place from which the readings are read
Holy Spirit
fills the Church members with wisdom and faith
Thomas Merton
20th Century Trappist priest who wrote about faith and prayer
a savior sent by God to redeem people from the power of sin and everlasting death and to restore them to God's friendship
comes from the Greek verb meaning "thanksgiving"
Nicene Creed
a statement that was formulated by the church at the Coucil of Nicaea in 325 A.D. and we pray this during most Sunday masses
the record of God's revelation through history, Sacred Scriptue, Word of God, composed by human authors and inspired by the holy spirit

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