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Science Revision Flashcards


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What does Habitat mean?
habitat is the are in which an animal lives in, it is the animals surroundings
Name three facts on Acids
Acids have a low pH, Acids taste sour and Acids can be corrosive
How does sound travel throw something?
It vibrates through
Is CO2 and element or compound?
When two identical elements combine, does the name change?
no, not at all
How many seasons has each year got?
four seasons
What does Variation mean?
It means differnces between organisms
Name the three types of joints
Immovable, Slightly movable and Freely movable
Is Ethanoic acid an Alkalis or an Acid?
Its an Acid
When two elements combine, what are the three letters that are usually at the end of the products name?
the three letters are "ide"
Name the eight types of energy, heat and temperature are different so they dont count
Electrical, Light, Sound, Kinetic, Thermal, Gravitational Potential, Elastic and Chemical
What are the three essential minerals needed by plants?
NPK - Nitrates, Phosphates and Pottasium
Name the four parts of the blood
Red cells, White cells, Plasma and Platelets
An animal cell and plant cell both have three factors in common. Name them.
A Nucleus, Cytoplasm and A Cell Membrane
Name three types of weathering
Physical, Chemical and Biological
Is number 2 in the pH scale an acid or an alkali?
an Acid
Heat can be transferred in three distinctive ways. what are they?
Conduction, Convection and Radiation
Name 6 propeties of metals
Metals are ductile, Metals conduct electricity, Metals have high densities , metallic oxides are basic, metals are mallebale and Metals are Sonorous.
Name eight energy resources
Coal, Oil, Gas, Biomass, Food, Wind power, Wave power and Batteries.
What are the four factors that affect Photosynthesis?
Light, Water, Temperature and CO2 levels
Name three types of blood vessels
Arteries, Capillaries and Veins
There are seven things that all living organisms do, they are called life processes. An organism is only alive if it does all seven. Name all seven.
Movement, Reproduction, Sensitivity, Nutrition, Excretion, Respiration and Growth
Name the nine major organ systems of the human body
Digestive, Respiratory, Excretory, Circulatory, Reproductive, Nervous, Endocrine, Skeletal and Muscle
Name the three different tpes of rock
Igneous, Sedimentary and metamorphic
Name three facts on Alkalis
Alkalis have a high pH, Alkalis often feel soapy and Alkalis are soluble bases
Energy can be transferred from one type to another. What energy can be transferred from Chemical?
Heat, Kinetic and Chemical
What makes a compound a compound?
a compound becomes a compound when it contains two or more elements joined up.
Name the nine planets in our solar system
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
Name the three factors which population sixe is affected by
Adaptation, Competition and Predation
Name three ways in which White blood cells attack Microbes
They eat (engulf) microbes, they produce antibodies and they neutralise the poisons or toxins
Name the five specialised cells in an organism
Sperm cell, Ovum cell, palisade cell, Ciliacell and the root hair cell
Is white light a single colour?
no its not
Name the four main uses of satellites in space.
Communication and Navigation, Monotoring the weather, Observing the Earth and Exploring the solar system.
What are food chains?
they show what is eaten by what
What are Bacterias and Viruses?
They are tiny microbes, Viruses are smaller than Bacterias
There are three factors that only plants have. Name them.
A cell wall, Vacuole and Chloroplasts
What number in the pH scale is neutral?
number 7
Is Sodium Hydroxide an Alkalis or an Acid?
Its an Alkali
What does a dispersal of white light give ?
A spectrum
When three or more differnt elements combine and one of those is oxygen, what will the three last letters of the final product be?
the three last letter swill be "ate"
How long does it take for the Earth to orbit around the sun once?
365 and 1 quarter days
What is selective Breeding?
This is where humans try to develop partivular varities of plants or animals with favourable characteristics
How many days does the menstrual cycle take?
28 days

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