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2nd Reading/Marxism


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reconditioning and determinism
2 principles(?) of Marxism
first international
working men's association; british and french trade unions; led(?) by Marx
GWF Hegal
german philosopher who influenced Marx
suez canal
allowed for easy acces to asia form mediterranian
the communist manifesto
book Marx wrote w/ Engles
Dictatorship of Proletariat
small group 'spontaneously' arise to be leaders--> alianate those opposed
Overexploited proletariat
standard of living always going down, pop increasing
withering of the state
no wants of people, no competition, so don't need gov.
danube and rhine
rivers declared free for all ships
classless society
Marx wanted to create a...
Conditions of the working class in england
book by Engles
mind, competition, class struggle
Marxism: change the ____, get rid of _____, and there for no _____ ______.
proletariat, spontaneous revolt, reconditioning
Prediction of Karl Marx: ___ exploited, hold ______ ____, first step of ________
Karl Marx
'inventor' of communism
pure communism
world w/out gov.
Das Kapital
book by Marx, scathing critisizm of capitalism
Fiedrich Engles
friend of Marx, funded Marx, critical of bourgeoisie order

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