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What is known as: studying history through a series of historical (class) conflicts, specifically looking at the values of a social class; cylical view of history
Traditional beliefs
~Less competition, no need of government, state begins to disappear
Withering of the State
Who believed that a historical era is more important than an individual?
What brought an end to romanticism, nationalism, and liberalism?
Revolutions of 1848
What book was written on the eve of the Revolutions of 1848?
"Communist Manifesto"
Which group of people represents the antithesis?
In which book were the "WORKING MEN OF ALL COUNTRIES to UNITE" to arouse working class action? The oppressed/oppressor to stand in oposition to one another
"Communist Manifesto"
Marxism wanted to change peoples' what?
Which group of people represents the thesis?
What two things did atheist Marx prove scientifically?
Materialist, Determinism
What is Engel's #1 goal?
Fund Marxism
~World without government
Pure Communism
"Opiate of the Masses"
New values, oppose the old
Who believed that history made great men and not that great men made history?
Marx's analysis of capitalism and a critique on practical economic application
"Das Kapital"
What book was Engel's firsthand experience with "wage slavery" of Great Britain's working classes?
"Conditions of the Working Class in England"
Karl Marx's dialectic
Determinism; final stages of conflict?
The belief that history is the product of class struggles
(Dialectic) Materialism
~Bourgeoise creates rules and conditions society to want
Bourgeoise Dominated Society
The belief that some things are inevitable and that one event may alter the course of your life
~Proletariat so large and overexploited that they will hold a spontaneous revolution; bourgeoise, government, teachers killed gruesomely- 1st step reconditioning
Proletariat Revolution
~From Proletariat Revolution a small group emerges as leaders to create a system different from the old; people are killed/sent to concentration camps who differ in the opinion of this new order; reconditioning of minds to take out the wants of the people
Dictatorship of Proletariat
When is the government fulfilling needs?
Newly created value system
What linked the Mediterranean and Red Seas?
Suez Canal
Marx and Engels wrote which book together?
"Communist Manifesto"
Who wrote "Conditions of the Working Class of England"?
Why did Engels and Marx criticize the Revolutions of 1848 in their "Communist Manifesto"?
The revolutions were emotional, not intellectual
~Standard of living constantly decreasing while the size increases
Overexploited Proletariat
What declared freeways for all ships?
Danube and Rhine Rivers

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