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Il constitution Test


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What year did Il become a state?
Name the last year the constitution was revised
How often do they have to think about writing a new const. ??
every 20 years
List three rights that are in the constitution and int he bill of rights
Freedom of speech, Freedom of religon, adn freedom of assembly
list 3 rights that are different than the ones found in the federal bill of rights
Crime victims rights, no discrimination against gender, and no discrimination against handicap
how many branches in the il. gov.
3 executive, legislative and judicial
compare these branches to the federal
they are the same
list requirements to vote
must be 18
must be a U.S. citizen
must live in distirct for 30 days
must be registered to vote
whose job is it to supervise and carry out registration and election law through out the state?
state board of elections
In what two houses is the general assembly divided?
House and Senate
What is another term for general assembly
what is the title of the person who heads the Il house of reps?
speaker of the house
what is the title of the person who head the il Senate?
what is his name?
president of the senate
Emil T. Jones
how many members of the legislative are elected from a legislative district?
1 sentaor and 2 reps
Whose main job is it to make laws, consider laws and then pass or reject them?
General Assembly or Congress
what kind of vote will over ride a governers veto?
a 3/5 vote
How many days does the governer have to consider a bill?
60 days
when can the general assembly pass a special law
only when a general wont do
what the governers options whiel considering a bill?
sign it
veto it
not sign it
hwo many reps are there?
How many senate are there?
length of term for senate?
2 or 4 yrs
lenght of term for rep?
2 yrs
name of district a rep is elected from?
representative district
name of district a senator is elected from?
legislative district
corportations must be charted under....
under general state statues
the governer and lietuenant are elected by a team or individually?
list the order of succession for the officer governor
lieutant governor
attorney general
secratary of state
the governors power to appiont officials is checked by the power of the .....
the governor has the following powers....
reprive, pardon, commute
Comptroller does what?
keeps financial records
secratary of state does what?
keeps offical records
drivers liscence
Attorney general does what?
chief legal officer
Lieutanant general does what?
Performs duties given to him by government and law
GOvernor does what?
chief executive officer
THe Il supreme court has how many judges and how long is a term
7 judges and 10 yr terms
Illinois appelate courts has how many branches in each of 5 judicial districts?
How are associate circuit court judges elected?
they arent elected, they are appointed.
who may call an annaul judicial conference?
the supreme court
how many judicial courts are there?
who selects the chief justice?
members of the supreme court
list the 4 types of judges for the state courts
supreme court
appelate court
circuit court
associate circuit court ( members not elected)
List 3 powers the state shares with the federal government
in which governmental body is the power to raise taxes vested?
General Assembly
what is an appropriations bill?
A bill which authorizes the spending of the states money
list 5 examples of county officials...
states attorney
county clerk
list at 3 examples of city/municipal officials...
police chief
fire chief
which individual is responsible for inspecting and checking the finances of the state?
auditor general
In which government body is the power to raise taxes vested?
general assembly

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