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NetWare 6.5 Open Enterprise Server

A Quiz for the NetWare portion of the CST CNET293 Course.


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File Size limit on NWFS (traditional)
Service that allows a 'Yellow Pages' type directory so workstations can find what IP address offers a particular type of desired service.
File System Trustee Rights
Read, Write, Create, Erase, Modify, File Scan, Access Control, Supervisor
Directory Agents
provides User Agents with a list of hosts providing the requested service
command use to start the NetWare GUI which is a version of Xfree86
organizational structure to which users can belong
NLM that reads configuration information from NDS and begin delivering DNS data to the network
NCF that stops the Apache Web Server
NetWare Loadable Module
used to describe the format of an object which be loaded into NetWare
Read/Write Replica
Copy of the eDirectory. As servers are added to the tree NDS will automatically add these replicas of the [Root] until there are at least 3 replicas
Service used to map packets from an external part of a network to a machine on an internal part of a network
object contained within the tree that describes an organization
stand alone legacy tree management tool
Effective Rights
depend on the explicitly assigned rights to any of the groups, roles, OU's that the user is a member of
Much like subdirectories, containers contain network objects. The server can be installed into two types of container objects: Organization (O) and Organizational Unit (OU).
Novell Directory Services
is basically a database which contains information about all network objects
Location of print drivers on the server
Volume SYS Available Disk Space
do not let the SYS disk space drop to zero or the server will not have room to store temporary operating data and the server may stop responding.
CPU Utilization
Monitored in health monitor, may peak at 100% for short periods of time, but if it stays high, the server may be over-loaded
Volume Size limit on NSS
NLM used to perform repairs on the Directory Service database.
RootServerInfo Zone
Logical NDS object used to provide information about a DNS root
Novell International Cryptography Infrastructure
Volume Size limit on NWSF (traditional)
Service used to assign IP addresses to workstations (hosts)
NetWare Remote Manager Portal
a browser-based utility that you can use. to manage one or more NetWare servers from a remote location
a text file editor for editing configuration files
Incremental Backups
back up only files which have the archive bit set to the 'ON' position.
NDPS GateWay
assigned to provide support especially for older printers that are not NDPS aware
Subnet Pool Object
Required to setup DHCP. Allow you to collect or group a number of .subnets for a particular location
Novell Storage Services
A newer method of storing data developed and introduced in 1998 with NetWare 5 as an option
CNAME record
An alias of one name to another in DNS
Packet Receive Buffers
are used to store incoming requests from clients until they are processed
Allows NSS storage pools and volumes to reside on a storage area network (SAN) connected by Ethernet using IP protocols.
utility used to configure network protocols and interface cards
Resource Management Services
Provided by an NDPS Broker, to store and distribute print drivers etc.
Apache Web Manager
Browser based tool that allows management of a single Apache Server
File Size limit on NSS
NLM reads the configuration information from NDS and begins delivering appropriate IP addresses to workstations on each subnet.
File synchronization service which creates an folder on one or more workstations and then synchronizes any files placed in that folder by sending them to the server and out to all workstations connected to that account.
Provides firewall, proxy server, cache accelerator and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services
Differential Backups
also back up only files which have the archive bit set to the 'ON' position, but do NOT turn the bit off.
Virtual Office
Allows the user to access their e-mail, set up work groups and use chat-messaging for various tasks.
Virtual Memory Performance
Monitored in health monitor, an indication of the worst performing virtual memory component.
'A' resource record
Maps a hostname to a 32-bit IPv4 address in DNS
Available ECB's (Event Control Blocks)
are packet receive buffers which have been created but are not in use.
Browser based server management tool
Console One
java based tree management tool
NDPS Manager
Used in NDPS. Loaded on the server using: LOAD NDPSM
Novell Certificate Server
Provides a Public Key InfraStructure (PKIS) which supports RSA Public key encryption/decryption for security and authentication on the network.
DNS-DHCP Locator
Logical NDS object used to locate DNS services
Full Backups
backup all data on the volume regardless of the archive bit setting on each file.
IP Address objects
Required to setup DHCP. Either exclusions or manual assignments for an address given to a particular MAC address
Read/Only Replica
Copy of the eDirectory. Only allows read access.
Organizational Role
An object that users can "sit" in. Can be assigned permissions and rights
Print Queue Object
Used in Queue Based Printing. Many queues can be created in various OU containers in the tree as required
Traditional NetWare File Services
Traditional method of storing data files on a NetWare server. Done by creating a NetWare partition on a physical hard disk and then create NetWare volumes in that partition
Printer Agent
Each printer has one of these. It is created and controlled by the NDPS Manager
Provides a versatile search engine for web pages as well as a wide variety of other documents stored on the server.
Subnet Addresss Range objects
Required to setup DHCP. Represent the sub set of addresses to be assigned in the subnet.
NCF that starts the Apache Web Server
Available Memory
Monitored in health monitor, shows how much server memory is being used.
Access Control List
Contains a list of trustees for a file or folder which can include Users, Groups, Organizational Roles, OU's, the Organization, the [Root], or the [Public].
Abended Thread Count
Monitored in health monitor, shows any threads that have ended abruptly (crashed)
Queue Based Printing
Old printing service used on previous versions of NetWare.
NLM that activates the Directory Agent on the NetWare server
NLM that starts the NetWare FTP Server
Public Access NDPS Printer
Used in NDPS. A printer with no controlled access.
Service Agents
Registers their service(s) with the Directory Agent when the SLP service starts
MX record
Mail exchange record maps a domain name to a list of mail exchange servers for that domain
The Apache2 Web Server default document directory
Built in white page telephone book which uses LDAP to access information stored in eDirectory for users in your tree.
command line utility that allows you to set up NLS, install envelopes and additional license certificates, and delete licenses.
startup configuration file that is executed as the NetWare server is initially started
Subnet objects
Required to setup DHCP. Represent each subnet on your network
Event Notification Services
Provided by an NDPS Broker, to pass messages from printers to clients etc.
DNS/DHCP Management console LOCATION
Master Replica
When the first server in a new tree is installed, that server will receive a this copy of the [Root] partition of the tree.
Controlled Access NDPS Printer
Used in NDPS. Can be created in any container, has controlled access.
Allocated Server Processes
Monitored in health monitor, shows the maximum number of processes running and information about performance.
NLM used to extend the schema and create the required NDS objects for a DNS server
NDPS Broker
Used in NDPS. Loaded on the server using LOAD Broker DAL###_NDPS_Broker.DAL /ipaddress=142.99.43.### /noipx
Printer object (non-NDPS)
Used in Queue Based Printing. Should be created and under the assignment tab assign it to the Print Queue that will service it.
Inherited Rights Filter
Blocks rights on a file or folder, except the Supervisor right.
Novell's full eMail product which also provides a Web Access component.
Service that resolves host names to IP addresses
SET Parameters
Parameters used to adjust most of the servers performance tuning.
Service Registry Services
Provided by an NDPS Broker, to store and provide information on printers etc.
DHCP server object Required to setup DHCP.
Required to setup DHCP. This object is linked to a specific server
utility used to configure various server attributes
Utility used to "Verify" application files on the Windows workstation. If any file has been modified by a virus infection the file will be replaced with an original copy from the server.
User Agents
Use a multicast to locate all the Service Agentss on the network which are running the SLP service.
much like DOS directory paths, denotes the full path of a network object in the eDirectory tree.
NLM that configures and manages NSS
SOA record
Start of authority record specifies the DNS server providing authoritative information about an Internet domain, the email of the domain administrator, the domain serial number, and several timers relating to refreshing the zone.
Console One Location
NWAdmin Location
TimeSync Status
indicates whether your server's clock is synchronized with other servers in the tree
Print Server Object
Used in Queue Based Printing and loaded on the server using: LOAD PSERVER
contains commands that you want to have executed every time the server starts
An implementation of the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) integrated with the Novell Distributed Printing Services(NDPS).
utility to monitor the performance
Allows access to all of your files on the server from any web browser.
Logical NDS object used to group DNS information
Organizational Unit
object used to group other objects in a logical fashion
Novell Distributed Print Services
New printing service, used on NetWare 6.5 OES
Tree Name
The top level of the available network resources. It must be unique from other eDirectory tree names on the network.
NS record
Name server record maps a domain name to a list of DNS servers authoritative for that domain
Subordinate Reference
Copy of the eDirectory. Do not contain any actual data, they are just pointer records (like a shortcut) to where the data actually exists.
NetWare Control Files
script files like batch files that may contain a list of console commands and/or NLM files to load at the server console
defines screensaver properties including locking and password settings
Distributed File Services
Allows you to create a folder to act as a volume mount point (junction).
DNS/DHCP Management console
Java based application used to manage DNS/DHCP objects.

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