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What security features have been added to Windows NT Server 4.0 since its initial release?
*A password filter
*Strong encryption mechanisms
*Client and server authentication using digital signatures
*Public key encryption mechanisms
Which of the following components are provided by the Windows NT Option Pack?
*Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ)
*Windows Distributed Internet Applications (DNA)
*Internet Connection Services for RAS 1.0
*Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)
What additional features have been added to Internet Information Services by the Windows NT Server 4.0 service packs 4 and later?
*The capability to host a corporate intranet
*The capability to host an Internet Service Provider
*Advanced web search features
*A software development kit for web component creation
What functions does the Windows Management Instrumentation feature perform?
*It links management applications across different platforms
*It creates a management information store that allows for centralized management
What is the purpose of a Hotfix?
To solve specific problems in an operating system
Which of the following Windows NT Server 4.0 components allows administrators to analyze and troubleshoot network errors?
The Network Monitor
Which hotfix installation method allows you to copy only the changed components of a new hotfix to an existing hotfix file while the system is running?
The mv.exe utility
Which of the following does Commit Charge describe in Task Manager?
The total memory allocated to the operating system
Which of the following Memory object counters shows the sum of memory that every application needs at a specific moment?
Committed bytes
Which of the following utilities can you use to remove the most recent hotfixes and service packs from a system?
The Add/Remove Programs utility
Which of the following are hardware requirements for running Microsoft Proxy Server version 2.0 for a medium-sized business of between 300 and 2000 networked computers?
*At least 64 MB of RAM
*Between two and four GB of disk space for the Web Proxy cache
Which of the following RAID-5 operations are supported by NT Server 4.0?
*Creating a stripe set that provides redundancy for a FAT file system
*Creating a stripe set in which disks are different hardware types
Which of the following are minimum system requirements for running Microsoft SQL Server 4.0 on NT Server 4.0?
*183 MB of free space
*32 MB of RAM
Which steps do you follow to install multiple hotfixes at once?
*Decompress all hotfix files to a hotfix directory
*Place all hotfix-specific references in the SourceDisksFiles section of a common INF file
*Overwrite each hotfix's INF file with a common INF file
Which of the following Server object counters can you use to measure the performance of Network hardware?
*Sessions Errored Out
*Pool Paged Failures
*Work Item Shortages
Which of the following can you use to back up the Registry?
*Resource Kit
Which of the following are special restoration operations?
*Restoring from backups with missing tapes
*Restoring data to a networked drive
Which of the following are considerations for using backup domain controllers on your network?
*They generate network traffic when performing file server functions in addition to authentication functions

*They become RAM intensive when performing file server functions in addition to authentication functions

*They need to be dedicated to network applications to enhance network authentication performance
Which one of the following measures will best improve the performance of your server?
Creating paging files on all the installed hard drives
What is the minimum number of disks required to implement a stripe set?
Which of the following commands do you type at the command prompt to enable the PhysicalDisk object counters?
Which of the following do stripe sets and volume sets have in common?
*They can both group non-contiguous areas of free space into a single partition

*They can both be used with arrays in which disks are of different hardware types
Which of the following steps may form part of removing a hotfix from a system?
*Consulting the Readme file that accompanies the hotfix

*Typing a command at the command prompt
Which configuration information does Disk Administrator save?
Stripe sets

Drive Letters

mirror sets
Which log records the failure of drivers or NT Server 4.0 components to load during startup?
System Log
Which backup options can you set using NT Server 4.0's Backup program?
*Back up local Registry

*Restrict access to owner or administrator

*Verify after backup
*They perform authentication functions
*They store a copy of the SAM
*They can be promoted to PDCs
Applies to BDC's
*Identifying an exact event though an event number

*Filtering the events logged

*Using the Find option to locate a particular type of event
features you can employ in Event Viewer
Which backup command switch specifies that only files that have changed since the last backup must be backed up?
What counters point to hardware limitations for running Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 when there are large numbers of requests for Active Server Pages (ASPs)?
Current Anonymous Users
Where does the paging file reside?
On the Hard drive
Which backup type is useful for performing interim backups?
Using Performance Monitor, you can see when NT Server 4.0 server needs to increase the size of the page file if the _______________ counter has a higher value than the ___________ counter.
Committed Bytes
Commit Limit
Suppose you are running a RISC-based computer and want to create a fault tolerance boot disk.

Once you have formatted the boot disk, which files do you copy to it?

Where can you check to see the hotfixes and service packs already installed on your system?
The system Registry
When can you use the Last Known Good Configuration to restore system configuration?
When you have changed your system configuration to the extent that it cannot boot

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