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Vocabulary #2 (09/xx/08) Chapter 1 and 2

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Functional Region
a central point and the surrounding territory linked to it.
Water Cycle
regular movement of water from ocean to air to ground and back to the ocean.
chemical or physical processes, such as freezing, that break down rocks
Physical Geography
the study of Earth's physical features.
Prime Meridian
vertical line that marks the zero degree longitude measurement on the globe of Earth.
an imaginary line that divides the Earth into the North Hemisphere and South Hemisphere.
Mariana Trench
deepest part of the ocean, located in the pacific.
the study of weather and weather forcasting.
a process by which new land is created when sea plates pull apart and magma wells up between the plates.
wearing away of the earth's surface by wind, flowing waters, or glaciers.
a layer of gases that surrounds the earth.
a series of vibrations induced in the earth
molten rock that is pushed from the earth's mantle.
Ring of Fire
an area of frequent volcanoes and earthquakes encircling the basin of the Pacific Ocean.
a solid body, moving in space, that is smaller than an asteroid and at least as large as a speck of dust.
thick middle layer of the earth's interior structure, consisting of dense, hot rock.
a slow process in which a sea plate slides under a continental plate, creating debris that can cause continents to row outward.
Formal Region
a region defined by a common characteristic; such as a production of a product.
Absolute Location
the exact position of a place in the earth's surface.
a crack or break in the earth's crust.
Relative Location
location in relation to other places
Ground Water
water within the earth that supplies wells and springs.
Human Geography
also called cultural geography; the study of human activities and their relationship to the cultural and physical enviorments.

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