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Chinese Dynasties


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What is SEEBAGG?
The institutions of culture. Social structure, Education, Economy, Beliefs, Artistic expression, Geography and Government.
What is a dynasty?
An empire ruled by a family. Passed from parent to child, usually father to son.
What is the Dynastic cycle? Why do dynasties rise and fall?
The dynastic cycle is: A new dynasty is formed --> a new philosophy is chosen--> infrastructure is built--> taxes are collected--> the government begins to become corrupted--> infrastructure declines --> Peasant rebellion--> defenses weakened, dynasties overthrown, then whole thing starts over. Dynasties rise and fall because one dynasty takes over a corrupted one, but then gets corrupted itself.
Shang Social Structure, Economy, art and government
Aristocracy (family based), Agriculture and a little trade, bronzes and calligraphy, and bureaucracy with a king
What is animism?
The belief that everything in nature had a spirit. Believed in the Shang.
Who is ti?
The most important Shang god, provided abundant harvests or victories in battle. Influenced through kings ancestors.
What are oracle bones?
Diviners wrote on turtle shells or cow bones and heated them, and then used the cracks to interpret messages.
What is silk?
In the Shang, skilled artisans learned how to raise silk worms and use their cocoons to spin thread and weave cloth, called silk.
What was the rise and fall of the Shang?
Rise; tribal people, took over much of china. Fall: attacked by nomads from North and West
What was the rise and fall of the Zhou?
Rise: Allied w/ other nomadic groups to take over Shang
Fall: Feudal lords had too much power, and they rebelled

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