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History exam


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what is a feudal system
political system based on control of lands
what are the important practices of the Islamic faith
pray five times a day, Alms to the poor, Faith in Allah and prophet Muhammad
what is the name of the holy book of scriptures of the Islamic faith
what are the characteristics of a republican system of government
leadersa elected to represent citizens, court systems, all citizens can vote
a gov. controlled by its citizens either directly or through representatives
a series of rulers from a single family and keep the rules
how did the rugged geography impact the development of greece
independent city states emerged
what are the essential ideas of Judaism
emphasize justice over political power, monotheism, set of moral standards to follow
whats the code of chivalry
a complex set of ideas is demanded that a knight fight bravely in defense of three masters
why did the vikings stop trading
conquer to christianity, warming trends helped farming, became interested in politics and arts
what document of american law is the twelve tables of roman law was most related to
U.S constitution
what accomplishments is the roman culture given credit for
what are the basic principals of roman law
burden of proof on accuser, freedom of speech, innocent until proven guilty, equal treatment under law
what do historians use to study pre-history
tools, bones, cave paintings, etc.
what was the strongest civilizing force in Europe in the early middle ages
who developed the first written law code
who was involved in the Punic wars
Rome and Carthage
what economic activity was universal to all civilizations
peoples unique way as life as shown by its tools customs arts and ideas
the chinese value most respect for ones ...
parents or elders
what do we call people that believe only in one god
what is a ziggurat
massive step tower built by Sumerians
what is the main language of the Islamic region of the world
what innovations were Phoenicians responsible for
purple dye, alphabet, glass
what factors contributed to the foundation of western Europe
roman heritage, germanic tribes, roman catholic church, eastern orthidox church didnt contribute
a gov. in which power is in the hands of a heredity ruling class or nobility
who developed the first written law code
exchange of goods and services woth out the use of money
what do we call people who believe in more than one god

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