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Spanish C Exam


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Phillip II?
Son of Charles V, He overtaxed people through church in both spain and the americas, he used gold and silver from the new world
La Mancha?
Spanish Armada?
Under the command of Duke and Medina Sidonia in 1588, It was a Spanish Fleet that said again England
Fusion, Combination of two or more originally.
the common people
The what century if the Century of "birthing " of latin america
19th (C)
an imaginary place of ideal and perfection
Who came to the u.s in the 20th century 1980?
Spanish Social Hierachy during Century of Gold
Multi-tiered pyramid-like social or funtional struture having an apex
Indian and Spaniard
Simion Bolivar and Jose de san Martin were the most what leader??
Jose de San Martin
1778-1850, Born in Argentina; National hero of Arentina, Prime leader in the sothern america's struggle for independence, Argentine General, make his own cannon, gunpowder, and uniforms
Sor Juana
She was a Nun. She was one the most intelligent child And she begged her mother to dress her like a guy so she could go study at the university when she was seven Also one of the greatest poets.
Century of Gold?
17th Period, Spain, Great literature, Great Art
Defeat of comuneros forces at villalar in 1521?
When he defeated the forces at villar- It happened around the same time that cortez met and defeated the aztecs
Born August 15, 1769-Died May 5, 1821
Christian (African) Yoruba syncretism in cuba became as strong as the Christian-Indian syncretism that was in Mexico and Peru.
The Atlantic Exchange
Turkey, Dog, Horses, Pigs, Cattle, Wheat, lemon, Olives, Oranges
Treaty of Tordesillas
Drew a line to the North and South pole , 370 leagues west of Azores, giving portugal all of the land east (from brazil to india) and spain all lands to the west (from the caribbean to the pacific
19th Century (1800s) 1810-1821-
Spain lost all American territory except cuba
Elizabeth I of England?
Queen of England and Queen of Ireland from November 17, 1588 until he death sometimes called the virgin queen
He was an author an influence on cervantes. He belived all things have several meaning
De facto v. de jure
de facto; is latin from by facto, de jure; is for latin
Age of Enlightenment?
18th Century, you can call the eighteenth century the age of enlightenment because it was both a culmination and a new beginning, ideals-reason, clarity and tolerance.
Don Quilote de la Manche?
Early novel written by spanish author Miguel de cervantes saredra
El Escorial?
Built under Phillip II as a royal palace, Located outside Madrid, A sad place, El Greco
Uncoined gold or silver
Life is a dream
It is written by spanish playwright Pedro Calderon de la Barca.
Francis Drake?
He was a pirate and he left England and sailed to the San Juan Bay where he was stopped by chains
Sigle de oro/ Century of Gold (what century was this?)
17 Century
he was an important influence in Spain during the Age of Enlightenment b/c he wanted Spain to break from traditions of the past and progress into the future
Black and White
Slave trade to new world?
The First blacks came to america from spain. These blacks were both christinized and hispanicized
Boroque Period?
17th Century, Europe and America, Ornamentation, Complexities, Synacretism, blending
a complete change in political stucture, specifically when one government is overthrown by another
What happen in 1848?
mexican lost territories
The Bourbons Reforms
The Bourbons reforms forced the spanish america world into a tight organic unity with spain.
Independence of Movements of 1810?
broken out of extreme velocity and amazing synchronicity city all the way from mexico
The Renissance
14th-17th Century, Europe, Chemistry, Astonomy, and Geography
Indian and Black
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
he was the greatest influence that any single writer has evered had in the history
Funding of the spanish empire?
Money from overtaxing and gold/silver from the New World
Fransico de Goya
the father of modern art. -he was born in zaragoza, spain. -at seventeen he went to madrid. -painted really ugly picture during his dark period.
Population of Spanish America in 1810?
8 m Indians, 4 m European, 1 m black, 5 m Mixed races.
Juan Luis Vives?
He was a great borogue peot,
American and European Novelties
Chocolate, Tomatoes, Chili, Tobacco, Sugar, Potatoes
Expulsion of the Jesuits
expelled from spain and from spain armer colonies
Simon Bolivar
1783-1830, Born in Venezuela, Prime Leader in the nothern part of south america struggle for independence, President of: Gran Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia, Nicknamed as hailed as Liberator
How long did Spanish America stay under colonial rule?
300 yrs

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