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Geography Honors Final


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Is culture inherited?
no, it is learned
does culture change
is race a part of culture
no, race is inherited, culture is learned
what are the four parts of culture
language, technology, institutions, beliefs
how do cultures change
introduction and invention
what language family does English belong to
where do the majority of the people speak and Indo-European language
Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand
what are some examples of modern countries
United States, Australia, Japan, Russia, most European countries
what are some examples of traditional countries
Most African countries and South American countries
what are some examples of emerging or developing countries
Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Egypt, South Africa
what are some examples of developed countries
U.S, Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, European countries
What are the 3 types of institutions which help form and change our culture
Government, Education, Economics
what are 3 classifications of religions
universal, cultural, traditional
what are some examples of universal religions
Christianity, Buddhism, Islam
what are some examples of cultural religions
Hinduism, Judaism, Taoism, Confucianism
Which religion follows the teachings of Mohammed
what religion is dominant in Australia, Europe, North and South America
which religion originated in the Indus Valley
Which religion is associated with Mecca
What is the youngest world religion
Which religion is associated with Buddha
Which religion is associated with Jesus
Which religion follows "the way"
Which religion follows the teachings of Abraham
Which religion is associated with The Bible
Which religion is associated with The Torah
Which religion is associated with The Koran
Which religion believes in Allah
Which religion believes in Brahman..."The All"
In which religions are the followers vegetarians
Buddhism and Hinduism
Which religion believes in Yen and Yang
Which religion believes the meaning of life lay in the present, not the future
which religion believes man and nature are one
Moslems are followers of which religion
The Roman Catholic Church is a branch of which religion
The Orthodox Church is a branch of which religion
The Protestant Church is a branch of which religion
Sunni and Shiite are branches of which religion
Which religion is associated with the caste system
Which religion is practiced in Israel today
followers of which religions believe in reincarnation
Buddhism and Hinduism
Which religion is practiced in Africa and SW Asia
Which religion is practiced in SE Asia
define geography
the study of the earth and its living things, especially humans
what are the 5 themes of geography
Human/Environment Interaction
What are the Elements of a map?
(title, orientation, date, author, legend, scale, index, grid, source)
What is an Atlas?
A collection of maps in book form.
What is an Almanac?
A book of information and facts.
Define Culture.
Way of life developed by people.
Define Enculturation.
The process of learning a culture.
Define Diffusion.
The spread of cultural elements from one society to another.
Define Language.
Means of communicating ideas or feelings.
Define Linguist
A person who studies languages.
Define Multilingualism
The ability to speak more than one language.
Define Monolingualism
The ability to speak only one language
Define Society.
A group of people who share the same pattern of living.
Define Literacy
The ability to read and write.
Define Anthropologist
A person who studies human beings and their way of life.
Define Archeologist
A person who studies the remains of ancient people
Define Mother Tongue
A language learned at home.
Define Kuomintang
A Chinese political party organized by Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
Define Irrigation.
The use of canals, pipes, and ditches to bring water to dry areas.
Define Paddy
A field where rice is grown.
What is a Sampan?
A small boat where a family lives
What is Terracing?
A step-like field on the side of a mountain.
Define Dynasty
A series of rulers from the same family
What was the first important dynasty in China?
The Shang Dynasty
What was the last dynasty to rule in China?
The Manchu Dynasty
Which dynasty started construction on the Great Wall of China?
The Ch'in Dynasty
What is a nomad?
A person who travels from place to place in search of food and water.
What percentage of China's population lives in rural areas?
What percentage of China's population lives in urban areas?
What percentage of China's land is suitable for farming?
Which part of China has the fewest people? The West, South, or North?
The West
How has China increased its farmland?
By terracing, floating farms, and irrigation
Why did Japan invade the Manchurian Plain?
For mineral resources.
What is the largest city in China?
Who named the Middle Kingdom China?
The Europeans for the Ch'in Dynasty.
What kind of climate is found in North China?
Hot and Wet
What kind of climate is found in South China
Dry with seasons.
What kind of climate is found in West China?
Varied from deserts to mountain climates.
What is the major crop grown in North China?
What is the major crop grown in South China?
What is the major river in North China?
The Hwang He
What is the major river in South China?
The Chang River
What is one of China's most important goals?
To grow enough food to feed the population.
Who was Confucius?
A teacher and philosopher that many Chinese follow.
What important accomplishments developed during the Shang dynasty?
The irrigation system, and organized government, and a written Chinese language.
When did the US recognize the People's Republic of China?
In 1979
Which dynasty included many great philosophers in China?
The Chou dynasty/
What is the name of mainland China?
The People's Republic of China
What is the name of the country on Taiwan?
Republic of China.
Who was the original leader of the PRC?
Mao Zedong
Who was Dr. Sun Yat-sen?
He was leader of China's revolution against the Manchus and the first leader of the Republic of China.
Who was the leader of the Republic of China when is was moved to Taiwan?
Chaing Kai-shek
What type of government is found in the PRC?
What type of government is found in the RC?
What was the "Little Red Book?"
Sayings of Mao Zedong
Who were the Red Guards?
Followers of Mao Zedong
What is the "Cultural Revolution" in China?
When Mao tried to destroy anything contrary to communism and Mao's teachings.
What is the Responsibility System?
The Chinese could sell their extra products for profit.
What was the Iron Rice Bowl System?
The Chinese workers were guaranteed a job for life.
What is the earth's population today?
Over 6 billion.
Why do countries cooperate?
In order to trade, exchange ideas and information, protection, and to improve the conditions of human life.
Which organization has been successful in reducing communicable diseases?
WHO-World Health Organization
What is an alliance?
An agreement between countries to protect one another's interests.
What is NATO?
A non-communist organization between the US, Canada, and Western European countries organized for protection
What was the Warsaw Pact?
A communist organization created for protection (has dissolved).
What is the OAU or AU?
Organization of African Unity or the African Union.
Which Middle Eastern country was kicked out of the Arab League?
Egypt, because they signed a peace treaty with Israel.
What is OPEC?
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Which country was excluded from OAS activities in 1962, but not membership?
What is the OAS?
Organization of American States--an organization created to improve life in the Western Hemisphere.
What is the UN?
United Nations--organized to improve life and promote cooperation.
What makes Western Europe a region?
Its politics and economics.
What are the major peninsulas of Western Europe?
Greece, Italy, Iberian, and Scandinavian
What countries are landlocked in Western Europe?
Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, Andorra, Vatican City
What countries in Western Europe are made up entirely of islands?
Iceland, Ireland, UK, Malta
What is Europe's highest mountain range?
The Alps.
Which mountains divide France from the Iberian Peninsula?
The Pyrenees
What was the OEEC?
Organization for European Economic Cooperation
What was the ECSC?
European Coal and Steel Community
Who are the 3 "World Economic Leaders?"
US, Japan, and European Community
What is autarky?
A policy of self-reliance economically in the former USSR
what is the CIS?
A commonwealth of Independent States--cooperative organization of former Soviet republics.
Why are there conflicts between people or countries?
Boundaries/territory, Way of living/Culture, National Homelands. Economics, Leadership, Strategic Locations
What was the major conflict in India in 1947 (after independence)?
Religion and who was going to control
Where was the US involved in conflict in the 60's and 70's?
British India was divided into which 3 countries?
India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
What are some examples of strategic places?
Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Bosporus Strait, Panama Canal, Philippines
Which countries are involved in a dispute over Kashmir?
India, Pakistan, and China
What kind of government is found in Vietnam today?
What is the conflict over in Northern Ireland?
What two religious groups were in conflict in India?
Muslims and Hindus
Who was the former leader of Israel who signed the Treaty with Egypt?
Menachem Begin
Who is the leader of Libya?
Muammar al-Qaddafi
Who was Iran's former religious leader who led the revolution?
Ayatollah Khomeini
Who is the leader of the PLO
Yasser Arafat
Who was the former leader of Egypt who signed the Treaty with Israel?
Anwar Sadat
Who is Iraq's former leader?
Saddam Hussein
What are the major rivers of the Middle East?
Tigris, Euphrates, Nile, and Indus
What is monotheism?
The belief in one god
What is the Rub al Kahli?
A desert in the Middle East
What are the Atlas, Tagros, and Taurus?
Mountains in the Middle East
What is a Bedouin?
A desert nomad
What 3 early civilizations began in the Middle East?
Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus River Valley (in Pakistan)
What are the 4 major ethnic groups in the Middle East?
Semites, Turks, Egyptians, and Iranians
Who has controlled Palestine/Israel/Judea in the past?
Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks, British
When did Israel become independent?
When and with whom was teh only peace treaty between Israel and the Arab country signed?
Egypt, 1979
What is a refugee?
A person who flees a country because of war or political resources
Who supported the group of Afghans who took over Afghanistan?
Former USSR
Which Middle East countries were French colonies?
Lebanon, Syria, Libya
Which Middle East countries were British colonies?
Palestine (Israel), Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Cyprus, Pakistan
Muhammad founded which religion?
Which Middle East countries are members of OPEC?
Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE
What is the SAVAK?
The Shah of Iran's secret police
Who are the PLO fighting and why?
Israel, to regain their country
Who are the PLO?
The Palestinian Liberation Organization
Who established Israel?
What significant event happened between Israel and the PLO in September of 1993?
A peace agreement was signed between PLO and Israel
What event occurred between Egypt and Israel in 1979?
Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin signed a peace treaty, with Jimmy Carter present as well
Who were the 3 leaders involved in the peace agreement between the PLO and Israel?
Yasser Arafat, Yitzah Rabin, and Bill Clinton
Define Apartheid
Apartness: a racially-based policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination against blacks in South Africa
Define Homelands
Areas designated by the South African government as homes for various African ethnic groups.
Who is the conflict between in Rwanda?
Hutus and Tutsis
What are some of the major challenges facing Africa today?
Over population, hunger, poverty, disease, desertification

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