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mesoamerica (hard)

Harder questions.


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lowest level of society, usually captured in battle, orphaned children
Maya Gods
related to the different aspects of their daily life (parts)
theories why mayan collapse
over farming so there was not enough food causing competition between the cities,
two ways early Maya used their physcial environment
Forest animals for food and trees and other plants for building homes
People in Maya Lower Class
farming families
to fight against authority
Geography affects on food
watery areas - relied on fishing and grassy plains on hunting
People in Maya Upper Class
Kings (highest), priests, warriors, and merchants
Symbol for Zero
Maya was the first people to use a symbol for zero
Actaul Cause
no single event, a mix of many factors that led to decline of the Mayan civilization
first urban civilization in mesoamerica around 1200 BC
Maya architecture
it had symbols for planting or harvesting that matched the changes in the season
Maya Calanders
developed by studying the stars and the cycle the moon, there are two types of calenders, religion and architecture
Maya city rules
All Maya cities were city states with each having its own ruler.
americas continents
2 continents - North America and South America
Maya Achievements
arts, architectural, science, math, and writing,
maya rebels
people who did not want to do the demands of the kings such as forming or building temples
aspects of life
parts of life
South American Landforms
Andres mountains, amazon, rain forest
North America Landform
high mountains, desert plateaus, grassy plains
1st people in America
Asian folks probably walked across the bering strait
Maya rulers
Highest level in society. They thought they were related to gods. Participated in religious cermonies
American pyramids
first built by the Olmec
Maya religion Calender
used to plan different regilious events
first people to live in america
Ways Lower Class supported upper class
payed for goods such as cloth and salt. They also had to work on building temples, palaces. They had to serve in their armies
Mayan Religon
160 Gods or more, corn, rain god, sun god, moon goddness

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