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Maps and Globes 2


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any direction inbetween the cardinal directions- northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest.
intermediate directions
the imaginary line surrounding the earth
a map that shows information about the past events and where they occurred
historical map
an explanation of what the symbols on a map represent
map key
the main directions on a globe - north, south, east, west.
cardinal directions
half of the earth, half of a round ball
One of the earth's seven great bodies of land. Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America
something that stands for something else
One of the earth's four largest bodies of water
a map that shows the landforms of an area
landform map
The study of the land
a map that shows information such as cites, capitals, states and countries
political map
a map that shows natural features of earth
physical map
the relationship between the distance shown on a map and the real distance on earth
a map that shows how to travel from one place to another
transportation map
a small drawing on a map that shows directions
compass rose
a small map or globe set into another map that shows where the main map is located

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