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Geography Ch.2


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What is day to day variations or temperature and precipitation called?
what is a statistical summary of weather conditions throughout time?
what is the ability to do work?
a form of energy is?
an expression or measurement of heat
what has electromagnetic radiation, travels from sun through great voids of space without loosing any energy?
solar energy
what is the distance between two successive wave crests?
solar wavelengths
what is incoming solar radiation with short wave energy?
what is long wave energy?
terrestrial energy
what is 23.5 degree tilt?
axial tilt
what is June 21?
summer solstice
what is September 22?
autumn equinox
what is december 21?
winter solstice
what is march 21?
vernal equinox
day length, distance from sun, equator, high latitudes, and temperature is what makes what?
seasonal variation in radiation
what is the movement of energy from place to place on earth?
heat transfer
what do you get when you have
-long waves vs. short waves
-water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone, and methane
-and when it increases it increases global warming

greenhouse effect
heat stored in the air with water vapor is what?
latent heat
what cannot be felt, and becomes heat of condensation when water vapor condenses and becomes liquid water drops?
latent heat
what part of the heat exchange and atmospheric circulation is it when there is upward movement of fluids caused by heating, "boiling water", atmosphere?
what part of the heat exchange and atmospheric circulation is horizontal movement of air, and monsoons?
what is it called when water is converted from vapor to a liquid state?
all air holds water dependent on what?
what is water content of air, percent of water air could hold at a given temp., and fluctuates hourly as temp. changes?
relative humidity
saturation point equals what?
condensation equals what?
what happens when warm, humid air rises, expanding and cooling, saturation point is reached, and clouds form?
convectional precipitation
what happens when wind forces air up and over mountains?
orthographic precipitation
what happens when air is forced up a boundary between cold and warm air masses?
frontal precipitation
what is a region of air with similar characteristics?
air mass
what happens when cold air masses move toward a warm air mass?
cold front
what happens when a warm air mass moves towards a cold air mass?
warm front
is warm air more dense or less dense?
warm air is less dense
what is the difference in pressure between two place?
pressure gradiant
what zone has convectional precipitation and trade winds?
inter tropical convergence zone
what zone has areas of dry, bright sun shine, and little precipitation?
sub tropical high pressure zone
what zone has polar fronts and westerlies?
mid latitude low pressure zone
what zone has dense air, high pressure, and little precipitation?
polar high pressure zones
wind creates ___ and _____.
waves and currents
what is an occasional change in ocean circulation?
El Nino
what has large low pressure areas and winds?
what has tropical cyclones, needs warm air, and a storm surge (elevates sea level)?
hurricanes and typhoons
Percent of water air could hold at a given temperature

relative humidity
In 2000 a series of bridges, tunnels, and a man-made island linked these two countries
Sweden and Denmark
plates sliding away from each other is called
two plates slide past each other is called
two plate hitting each other is called
which map would have the largest scale city or world
azimuthal projection is a map that accurately portrays what
movement of heat from tropical areas toward the poles is called?
In the Southeastern United States, which climate is dominant?
CFA- humid sub tropical climates
what is an example of expansion diffusion?
instant popularity of ipods
what kind of climate are continental polar air masses?
cold and dry
In what kind of plate boundary is material from the crust very slowly forced downward, back into the mantle?

In the Mercator projection, which piece of the Earth is portrayed ridiculously large in comparison to its actual size?

An interdependent group of items interacting in a regular way to form a unified whole is a

In 1402, a world map was produced which was by far the most accurate representation for the times. This map was produced in which country?

Which area receives the most seasonal variation in incoming radiation?
high latitude
Off the coast of South America, as a result of a circulation change called El Nino,
cool water replaced with warm
Erastosthenes coined what word?
A large scale map represents a high or low level of detail?
what kind of volcano is the largest erupting in the world?
shield volcano
The meridian of 0 degrees longitude is also called
prime meridian
what is the movement of fluid caused when part of the fluid is heated called?
the deflection of wind, the way the wind moves with the earth is called
Coriolis effect
in the northern hemisphere, during the summer the sun is ____ opposed to in the winter the sun is ___.
higher, lower
at noon during vernal equinox the sun is directly over head where?
degrees, minutes, and seconds measure what?
longitude and latitude
what is the angel of incidence
The amount of solar energy at a particular area
Which side of China, South America, the United States and Australia, has the driest climate?
The volume of water that a stream carries per unit time is
what rocks are formed when rocks are subjected to great heat and pressure.
The original purpose of the Mercator projection was
a region from which innovative ideas originate is known as
If cold ocean currents hit the coast of a continent, it is likely that the coastal area will
An extremely long ocean wave created by an underwater earthquake that may travel hundreds of
kilometers per hour is a

wave speeds are proportional to their what
another word for arid is
How many time zones are shared by the 48 conterminous U.S. states and the Canadian provinces?
Most of the International Date Line follows
180 degrees longitude
Humid subtropical climates cluster on the ________ side of continents between 25° and 40°.

north, south, east or west?

In The Tribute of Yu, the outermost geographical zone was inhabited by
Permafrost occurs in what kind of climates?
The Greenwich Meridian is also known as the ________.
frontal uplift is the product of what
summer thunderstorms
The combined length of all of the stream channels in a basin, divided by the area of the drainage basin is the
drainage density
If you are told you are in a BWh climate, in which of the following locations might you be?
Sahara Desert
in the tropics rainfall is most likely to occur in the ____
The greater thickness of what kind of rocks cause the continents to have higher surface elevations than the oceanic crust?


The United States hopes that the ability to navigate the Northwest Passage will
not be impended by canada
A)more dangerous and dramatic when it occurs on steep slopes and in wet conditions.
B) the most common form of mass movement.
C) the very slow, gradual movement of material down the slope of a hill
What am i?

soil creep
what is most likely to occur when two plates meet?
Thick layers of wind-blown silt are
What kind of rocks result when rocks eroded from higher elevations (mountains, hills, plains)
accumulate at lower elevations (such as swamps and ocean bottoms)?

The San Andreas Fault, where two plates slide past one another, is a famous example of what kind of plate boundary?
In which zone would temperature vary more in a single day than between months?
low latitudes
Which of the following roles do streams play in shaping landforms?

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