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September SS Vocabulary


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What term is used when people refer to 1/2 of the earth?
If the earth is divided in half from North Pole to South Pole what hemisphere do we live in?
Western hemisphere
If the earth is divided in half at the equator, what hemisphere do we live in?
Northern hemisphere
Imaginary lines that run east and west on a map are called...?
latitude lines
Imaginary lines that run north and south on a map are called...?
longitude lines
What is the name of the scale on a map that shows direction?
compass rose
What do you call one of earth's 7 large bodies of land?
What continent do we live on?
North America
What is the name of our country?
The United States of America
What is the name of our state?
New York State
What is the name of our county?
Cattaraugus County
What word means the entire way of life of a people - their customs, beliefs and language
What is culture?
What do we call someone who leaves one country to go and live in another country?
We say that people who share the same customs language, and history are an...
ethnic group
If you have formed a negative opinion about someone without proof, we say that is...
Our country's plan of government is called...
the Constitution
A country where the people make the laws and run the government is called a...
We elect representatives to help us run the government and so the U.S. is a...
Our national government government in Washington, D.C. can also be called the ___________ government.
Individual rights of a citizen under the law are called...
civil rights
Information that comes from the time being studied is called....
primary sources
Information that is written by someone who was not an eyewitness is called...
secondary sources
Everyone tells a story from a certain point of view known as...
Someone who studies history is known as a ....
The number of people living in an area is its ....

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