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NHA review 2


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on the grid... what does 1 small square represent? and what does 1 large square represent?
small- .04 seconds large - .2 seconds
Q wave:
inital negative deflection
Man that invented the EKG?
What are the names of the 12 leads produced in an EKG?
I II III aVR aVL aVF V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6
5 Large squares = ?
1 second on the horizontal axis
BIPOLAR Standard Leads: Lead I Lead II Lead III Lead IV
UNIPOLAR precordial Leads V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6
V1:right sternum V2: left sternum V3: between V2 & V4 V4: 5th rib V5: between V4 & V6 V6: axillary line, 5th rib
How many electrodes go on the patient?
how many leads are produced from the 10 electrodes?
P Wave:
4 Stages of hemostasis?
1. Vascular phase 2. Platelet phase 3. Coagulation phase 4. Fibrinolysis
Blood type AB is the least common
Blood type O & A are the most common
what is a Hemocult test?
determines if blood is in stool
How many parts are there to a prescription?
what are the 11 parts of a prescription?
1. Patient's name 2. the date 3. name of meds 4. dosage 5. number of doses 6. route of meds (how to take) 7. how often (time of day) 8. Quantity 9. Number of refills 10. DEA number (drug number) 11. Doctor's signature
Millograms Micrograms Grams
mg mcg g
po: pr: sl: IM: IV: SQ:
by mouth by way of rectum sublingual (under tounge) intramuscular intravenous subcutanous
Physican Desk Reference
qd: bid: tid: qid:
everyday 2 times a day 3 times a day 4 times a day
pc: qhs: prn:
after meals each night as needed
3 Layers of the heart
1. Endocardium - inner 2. Myocardium - middle 3. Epicardium - outer
amount of blood pumped in 1 minute?
cardiac output
the Pericardium?
sac in wich the heart is contained
What does the Urinary System consist of?
1. 2 kidneys 2. 2 ureters 3. 1 urinary bladder 4. 1 urethra
What are the kidney's functions?
to remove waste from the blood stream, mainatin the body's acid-base balance and regulate hydration.
3 types of urine collection?
1. First morning 2. Mid-Stream 3. Clean-Catch
To test for antibiotic bacteria, you would run a?
Clean-catch secimen test
Normal amount of urine out-put, per day?
1000-2500ml is normal
Routine urinalysis procedure consists of 3 parts?
1. physical 2. chemical 3. microscopic
Physical examination consists of 4 parts?
1.making sure there is enough urine to test 2. observing the color 3. noting the odor 4. specific gravity
Another word for a urine stick?
N-Multistix 10sg>2min
Chemical examination of urine tests for 10 things, what are they?
PPBBLGUNKS 1. pH 2. Glucose 3. Ketone 4. Protein 5. Blood 6. Bilirubin 7. Urobiliogen 8. Nitrite 9. Leukocyte 10. Specific gravity
Normal Specific Gravity range?
1.015-1.025 (water) 1.005-1.030 (urine)
what shows up in a pregnancy test to make it positive?
Informed Consent?
patient has been made aware of risks, out comes and procedures.
Patient Confidentiality?
information is not to be given out, or talked about
failure to excerise a standard duty of care.
The 4 D's associated with Negligence?
1. Duty 2. Derelict 3. Direct cause 4. Damage
Primary pace-maker of teh heart?
SA Node
R Wave:
1st positive deflection
S Wave:
1st negative deflection
QRS Complex:
ventricular depolarization.
T Wave:
U Wave:
not always seen.
RR Interval:
interval between 2 R waves.
Measuring the Heart Rate:
* count the number of 5mm boxes between 2 R Waves. * Divide that number into 300. if you counted 3 5mm boxes you'd have: 300/3 = 100 BPM
Where do you put the Limb Leads for a stress test?
the torso
How do you get your target heart rate?
220 - age
Formal name for Heart Attck?
Myocardial Infraction
How is a Holter Monitor attached?
5 electrodes are attahed to the patients trunk.
Standards of Right & Wrong?
Code of Ethics
3 layers of blood vessels?
1. tunica adventitia 2. tunica media 3. tunica intima
How many liters of blood do adults have?
5-6 liters
Essentail for blood clotting?
Thrombocytes (platelets)
What is Hemostasis?
teh process by which blood vessels are repaired after injury
3 major veins located in the body?
1. median cubital 2. cephalic 3. basilic
once done drawing blood, how do you finish?
tourniquet, tube, needle, pressure
Order of Draw?
1. Blood Cultures 2. Yellow 3. Light Blue 4. Red 5. Tiger 6. Green/Tan 7. Lavender/ Pearl white 8. Royal Blue 9. Gray
Basal State?
patient has fasted
what doesw Postprandial mean?
after meals
What is an OGTT?
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test... used to diagnose diabetes
Purpose of Blood Cultures?
detect microorganisms in blood
What is a PKU test?
tests for a genetic disease that causes mental retardation and brain damage
what is used to puncture the skin during a Dermal Puncture?
Where do you draw a dermal puncture on an infant?
Tubes with additives are inverted how many times?
Tests run from Lavendar top Tube?
CBC WBC differential count Hemoglobin/Hematocrit ESR Sickle cell
Tests run from Light Blue top Tube?
PT tests APTT PTT FDP TT Bleeding Time
Tests ran from Green top Tube?
chemistry tests on plasma STAT tests
Tests run with Gray top TUbe?
GTT Fasting Blood Sugar Blood Alochol
Tests run with Tiger top Tube?
Panels (liver function, CMP, BMP, Hepatic Function Panel) SMA7 SMA12 Lytes
Tests run with Red top Tube?
Hep B Titer Marijuna test Allergy testing MMr Titer Medication levels
Tests run with Yellow top Tube?
PCR, DNA, Blood Culture Bottles (if you are out), Lyme
Tests run from Dark Blue top Tube?
Metals testing toxicology
Tubes to run with Tan top Tube?
Lead levels

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