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Pirate Societies Midterm


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Barbary Pirates
Muslim pirates along the coast of North Africa from 16th until 19th centuries. Involved in looting and kidnapping of Europeans on a large scale. The pirates operated largely in the Mediterranean, but those along the Moroccan Atlantic coast and the western parts of the Mediterranean coast, also sent ships up along the European Atlantic coast, reaching the British Isles, Norway and even Iceland.
Kwangtung Confederation
Seven most influential captains banded together, Divided coastline along south china sea into 7 zones. Each captain and his followers had plundering rights within that zone. Could operate freely on the actual coastland. Pirates could charge towns protection mone. Every junk in the confederation had to have its identification symbols on its bow. You couldn't plunder from each other. Formidable naval force for about 20 years.
William Dampier
1652, England, farmer's son, left for sea at age 17. deckhand on a merchant ship to Newfoundland. in the navy for a few years until he got too sick. shipped out to Jamaica to manage a plantation. logger in Belize. Kept Journals.
oceangoing warship used by the European naval powers in the 15th and 16th cent. A large, cumbersome vessel, three-masted and square-rigged, usually with two decks, and with its main batteries in broadsides. Much used to transport treasure and other cargo from the Americas, particularly by Spanish and Portuguese traders.
Pirate Coast
United Arab Emirates, raiders based there harassed foreign shipping, although both European and Arab navies patrolled the area from the 17th century into the 19th century.
Alexander Exquemelin
Ship's surgeon, Captured by pirates, Wrote a book, Buccaneers of the Americas, Published in the Netherlands in Dutch, Then in Spain in Spanish, Then in England in English (without permission). Kinda heroic picture of pirates
Any of the British, French, or Dutch sea adventurers who chiefly haunted the Caribbean and the Pacific seaboard of South America during the latter part of the 17th century, preying on Spanish settlements and shipping. not legitimate privateers (the commissions they held were seldom valid), but neither were they the outlawed pirates who flourished in the 18th century. Usually escaped servants, former soldiers, or loggers, they ran their ships democratically, divided plunder equitably, and even provided a form of accident insurance.
Francois l'Olonnais
(Jean David Nau) Younger in big family, Sold into indentured servitude. Small successes attacking Spanish ships and towns. Ship is attacked, he covers himself in the blood of his dead crewmembers, plays dead
Francis Drake
Sailed under his cousin, Sir John Hawkins. SJH was first English slave trader in Africa. Ship was taken by the Spanish, made SFD anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic forever. Got QEI to finance a voyage across the Atlantic to find the Northwest passage. When they made it to the Pacific, he renamed it the Golden Hinde. Plundered Spanish settlements along the coas. Got some massive Spanish ship on its way home from Peru (Cacafuego)
Thomas Tew
Came from a wealthy, respected Rhode Island family. Initially engaged in strictly legit trade. Normal churchgoing gentleman on shore. Sold pirated goods. Realized he could be more financially successful if he turned to piracy himself. Never wanted by the British. Acted like it was all totally legitimate
Originally a small ship carrying both oars and sails. It was a favorite of Mediterranean pirates.
the outer extremity of a ship's yard. A spar on a mast from which sails are set.
Croatian soldiers that inhabited the areas of Dalmatia during the Ottoman wars in Europe. checked on land and rarely paid their annual subsidy, they resorted to acts of piracy. Large galleys could not anchor in the bay of Senj, which is shallow and exposed to sudden gales. So, the uskoks fitted out a fleet of swift boats, which were light enough to navigate the smallest creeks and inlets of the shores of Illyria.
Letters of Marque
Initially called Letters of Reprisal, First issued against France by Henry XII of England. One nation giving a sea captain license to attack an enemy nation without punishment from the attacked. Compensation for sea captain is a percentage of their plunder in some cases. Sometimes the crown didn't take any of the booty.
Cheng I Sao
prominent female pirate in late Qing China. In 1801, she was working as a prostitute on one of Canton's floating brothels, and later that year she married Zheng Yi, the notorious Chinese pirate.
a ship's officer in charge of equipment and the crew.
commander of a special naval task force to campaign against the pirates that controlled the Mediterranean.
Captain Charles Johnson
Wrote Pyrates, Subtitle: General history of the most notorious... Nobody really knows who this guy was, Probably actually Defoe. Also portrays pirates as heroic
Officer who oversees arrangements for the quartering and movement of troops. Dotted the countryside with strategically located stockpiles of food, forage, ammunition, and equipment. By the 18th century his duties in some European countries included coordinating marches and deployments and drafting operational orders.

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