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Religion 10 Final

The actual religion test to study from for the Actual Final :)


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Define "repent"
Radically turn from sin
What is the key precept of the parable of the Net
ON judgement day our faith will make us good and God will take us to Heaven, but unbelivers will go to hell which is the absense fo God
What are the two general teaching points Jesus communicated in the sermon on the mount?
Strive to obey God God's grace will cover when we fall short
List 3 Characteristics of a Pharisee
Legalists Entire Old Testiment Belived in Angels
What is the significance of the virginal conception
It creates the dual nature of Christ
Define "Messiah"
Anointed one
What can worry be a sign or symptom of?
Lack of Faith
What was the two-fold purpose of Jesus's miricles?
Physical Healing Strengthen faith
Why was Jesus baptized if he never sinned?
To identify himself with sinners
What is the key percept of the parable of the yeast
The gospel is constantly growing and spreading
What is the key precept of the Parable of the weeds?
Satam trys to ruin Christioans by mixing unbelivers with belivers
What are the three catagories of Old Testament Law that Jesus fulfilled (Name-Definition Name-Definition Name-Def...)
Moral Law-10 Commandments Civil Law-Justice Ceremonial Law-Sacrifical System
What town was Jesus's home base during his ministry
Define hypocrite
Greek actor who wore a mask to hide his true identity
Define Pictoral prophesy
An event in Israels history fulfilled in Jesus's life
What were the 3 main aspects of Jesus's ministry? (Space between each one)
Teaching Preaching Healing
How does Jesus calming the storm on the sea of Galilee demonstrate his dual nature? (Man-Proof God-...)
Man-He was tired so he slept God-The storm listened to him
What is teh key precept of the parable of the sower?
All people are responsible for their reaction to the gospel
List 3 Characteristics of a Sadducee
Liberals Did not belive in angels Did not belive in resurection
What were the Magi
What is the key precept of the parable of the mustard seed
Gentiles will also go to heaven
From a Biblical standpoint, what are the three times divorce is exceptable
Abandonment Death Unfaithfulness
When Jesus claimed he could forgive sins, what was he essentially claiming?
He was God
What 3 options did Joseph have when he discovered that Mary was pregnant (one space between each one)
Publicly Humiliate Her Divorce Her Quietly Stone Her
Why did jesus preach in parables? (Reason Reason)
To bring clarity to the belivers to hide the truth from unbeivers
What powerful evengelistic statement did Jesus make when he was questioned about hanging out with sinners
A doctor is needed for the sick not the well
What 4 Chapters did Matthew decelop in his genealogy of the history of israel (put one space between each one dash between name)
Abraham-Rise of a nation David-Kingdom Babalonian Captivity-Fall of the kingdom Jesus-restoration of the kingdom
In what sense are Christians to judge others
Hold christians acountable for their actions
Write out Matthey 6:21
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also
It what sense are Christians not to judge others
Condem to hell
Define parable
A story with a spiritual meaning

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