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Greek History 2


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Oedipus at Colonus
story of Oedipus (Rex, this, Antigone), importance, shows sanctuary, sacred land at Colonus. Oedipus stays in sacred land despite chorus warnings. Criticism of war. Nostalgic look back on good ole’ pious Athens.
literally confederacy. Joining of states. Corinth and Argos
10 leaders of Sparta
Spartan Govenor of Dependant (Conquered) States
Spartan King, puppet of Lysander (NOT!) turns out ambitious
Athenian General, who led Persians against Sparta. At Battle of Knidos
Corinthian War
Corinth, Thebes, Athens vs. Sparta
King’s Peace
Spartan sell Ionian states to Persia. But wait… they don’t control the Ionian states… Silly Persians…
Spartans put garrison on Thebes’ Acropolis. Pelopidas ambushes during symposium and wins.
Spartan Harmost. Went to attack Athens at night. Dawn broke and he pillaged instead. Bronze Star recipient.
Decree of Aristoteles/ Second Athenian League
378 BCE Delian League except equal votes, no tributes, no Athenian holds property in any Allied state.
Sacred Band
Theban fighting force, 300 men, 150 pairs of lovers.
Jason of Phorae
Thessaly, wanted to make it the next great state. With Thebes vs. Sparta, doing well till assassinated.
Battle of Leuctra
Thebes and Thessaly vs. Sparta. They won due to tactical genius of Epaminondos. Jason convinces Thebans to be lenient w/ Sparta.
sacred band on the left foo!
Battle of Mantinea
Thebes vs. Sparta. Epaminondos dies, and Thebes no longer hegemonic state.
Secret Agreement w/ Athens
w/ Philip Probably never happened. Demosthenes thought it did. Athens would get colony, Philip would get Pidna
Athenian Colony. Philip won it.
Athenian Colony. Philip won it too.
long pikes of the Macedonian Army. This is why they kicked ass.
Great orator, (put rocks in his mouth?). Rallied against Philip.
Peace of Philocrates
Agreement betwixt Athens and Philip. Philip also wanted Seat on Council of Delphi. Never approved.
Battle of Chiaeronea
Philip pincer movement tactic on Athens. Wanted safe passage, they refused, he kicked their butt.
League of Corinth
Athenian League, but with Philip in Charge
Philip’s wife. Alexander’s Mother. Portrayed like Medea. Witchified. Might have killed Philip.
stallion of Alexander, afraid of shadow. Turned it into the sun to tame it. Rift between father and son. Son wins.
Alexander’s Patricles. Companion.
Battle of River Granicus
Victory for Alexander vs Darius against all odds
Cleitus the Black
Saved Alexander’s life at Battle of River Granicus. Alexander kills him later because he thought it was a conspiracy. “Zeus meant for him to die.”
Gordian Knot
undid the knot, either central peg or sliced with sword.
narrow plain where Alex beat Darius. Hey, we’ve seen this tactic before.
Battle of Guagamela
Alex pressed flanks, then as Darius's center thinned, rode in with calvary, decisive victory
Surrender with joy.
treasure! 40-50k talents. Alex on Darius’ throne
central capital of Persia, 120k talents⬦ Burned to the ground. Symbolism or drunk and impressed a whore.
General for Alexander. Alexander’s guy in Persepolis. Son Philotas implicated in conspiracy to kill him, and stoned to death. Alex sends someone to kill Parmenio.
Persian General, kills Darius. Alexander avenges Darius by chasing and killing Bessus.
prostration, Alexander tried to institute.
refused Proskynesis, implicated in The Conspiracy of the Pages; plot, carried in cage until death
Mutiny at the River Beas (326)
humidity and bugs, Alexander sulks, due to heat and humidity, troops want to go home to mommy.
led half of Alex's split forces home by ship. Alexander leads across desert.
Festival at Susa
90 Macedonia lords marry 90 Persian ladies. Also Persian boys join Alex's army.
Exiles Decree
exiles must be allowed to return. Those exiled Mercs can go home, but they like pillaging and ravaging instead.
Deification Decree
you may worship Alex as god
Place where Alex says Macedonians can go home. Troops rebel, cause they don’t want to be replaced by Persians. They get big bonus and can stay if they want to.
gets Europe + Ionia when Alex dies.
gets Alex’s signet ring and part of Asia
gets the rest of Asia. The stronger half of Perdiccas and.
gets Egypt. Most successful of the four. Focuses on Egypt and forms dynasty.
inhabited Greek world – Italy/Greece to Indus River.

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