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What does an advanced organizer do?
It is what we know coming into a lesson, it activates our knowledge it is a plan with the end in mind
What are examples of an advanced organizer?
KWL, 4 square, sort & predict, venn diagrams, Brainstorm & catogorize & Concept Mapping
What do advanced organizers do?
They give you a preview of what's to come and use familiar concepts to old. Distinction of knowledge
Why do we use advanced organizers?
THey provide a clue and a link in our minds. the help imbed new informaiton into our long term memory
What 5 areas may be on a WRITING Rubric?
Organization, content knowlege, grammar & Spelling, neatness, references
Who is the fathe of multiple intelligence theory?
What areas may be on a Rubric for COOPERATIVE LEARNING/teamwork? HLPPQRS
hleping, listening, participating, persuading, quesitoning, respoecting, sharing
What areas may be on a timeline assessment rubric?
Docoumentation of events, accuracy, requirements, legibility
what areas may be on a paragraph assessment rubric?
Main/topic idea, supporting detail sentance, elaborating detail sentence, legibility, mechanics & Grammar
What is small group learning that maximizes own & other children's learning called?
cooperative learning
What are some valuable teaching methods one could use in lesson planning?
Demonstration, Discovery Learning, Thematic Approach, Simulation & Games
What typs of teaching method allows children to explore & view a new task from a different perspective (community memeber)
What type of teaching method allows students to develop a hypothesis, to answer questions, propose issues/ gather data & observe?
Discovery Learning
What type of teaching method puts all of the subject areas together?
Thematic Approach
Give an example of thematic approach
What can help pre-writing,warm0up exercises to flow smoothly?
Begin with a question listing process. Identfiy all of the questions that might be interesting to explore
What should we know about research projects?
SHould not be topical in nature.(as most are) where the main skill is gathering info. GO FIND OUT ABOUT IT begins with questioning.
If you start with questioning, what happens to a research project?
Eventually leads to higher order. Who was the best general.... leads to gatheirng of info to a student judgement based upon criteria. Also could be, choose a dilemna, present both sides, draw a personal conclusion.
What is the SCAMPER method?
Substitute, Combine, Add, Modify, Magnify, Minify, Put to other use, Eliminate and Reverse.
When do we use SCAMPER METHOD?
WHen we need a new way of thinking. Many of the ideas will not lead anywhere, but they may add up to be more than the sum of their parts.
Evaluation & Competance are accomplished through an analysis of the coherence of the questions.
What does the climate of the classroom have to do with student learning?
Key Variable. Teacher cares about questioning, about stimulating curiousity, Look at questions as the key to learning
As students begin to ask quesitons, itr is essential that the teacher does what?
Refrain from judgemental cues.
What are the 4 rules of brainstorming?
1. all contributions are accepted with judgment
2. the goal is a large number of ideas or questions
3. building on other people's ideas in encouraged
4. farout, unusual ideas are encouraged
IN a character study how does an author build character?
character name, appearance, actions, thought, speech, reaction from others
What are examples of non verbal cuing!
facial expressions, body posture, hand signals,
Does the room environment have an effect on discipline
YES Add to / take away(quiet corner)
What is important about an I-message
Focus on the what you want them to do and not the misbehavior.
What level of Bloom's Taxonomy are:
apprise compare recommend conclusion, valuaing
What level are filmstrip, articles, recognize, recite, define, describe
Information gathering/ knowledge
What level of Bloom's Taxonomy is cartoon, own statement, diagram, collage, skit, confirm, match, parphrase
B. Tax:
apply, change, interpret, model dramatiz, cartoon, illustrate, sculpture, list,
classify, categorize, comparea, graph, an argument broken down
explain, summary, speech, diagram, illustrate
What two areas are in information gathering stages of Bloom's Taxonomy
Knowledge & Comprehension
What areas are in Making us of knowledge
Comprehension and application
What areas are in Taking Apart
analysis & Synthesis
What areas are in Judging the outcome
What is one way of teaching mathematics, not merely a collection of skills or stragtegies to be transmitted to children?
Problem Solving
What is the best way of teaching mathematics?
Problem Solving - questiong approach of How could we go about this? FInd, reaso n their way toward the answer to the problem.
What knowledge should we use when we teach children math?
The knowledge they bring to the classroom. Relevant knowledge real life knowledge. beliefs
What is the basis for all instruction for mathematic?
Mus be expereinces especially experiences iwth manipulative materials.
Is mathematics meaningful?
Yes and it must undrlie instruction. The use of minipulative mateirals and real-world application illustrates this.
Is there a place for cooperative learning?
Working toetrher must become a normal procedure. Peer teaching and cooperative learning
What are 3 problem solving strategies?
1. Act it out (themselves or with materials - allows to visualize information needed)
2.Make a drawing/ diagram
(real life, draw a map,rearranging a room)
3. Look for a pattern -
What is the four stage model of problem solving?
first, understand the problem
2. devise a plan for solving it
3. carry out your plan
4. look back and examine
What are 3 more problem solving strategies? 4-6
4. Construct a table
organizing date into a tale helps us to discover patterns & in
5. Account systematically for all possibilities
6. guess & check
WhAT ARE OtheR STragetgiES fOr problem solving?
Work Backward, write and open sentence, identify wanted, given and needed info and solve a simpler or similar problem
what is the first step of learning to count?
classification, learning what to count
what comes after classification (1)?
comparison of quantities (2)
Why is sight recognition of quantities up to five or six important?
saves times , mor accurate, forerunner to more sophisticated number operations
What are the stages of counting?
Rote: (may not be 1:1 corres)
POint Counting:
Rational Counting: correct in succession
Counting ON:
Counting Back
Skip Counting
What are the 4 very important characteristics of our numeration system?
1. Place Value
2. Base of ten
3. Use of zero
4. aDDITIVE PROPERTY 123 = 100+20+3
Why is place value important?
read sumpbolize and manipulate both large & small numbers. A thorough understanding of place value is necesary if computational algorithms for +-multi div are to be developed. Reasonableness
What are the 2 key ideas of place value?
explicit grouping or trading rules are defined and consistently followed.
Trading tens (2 way)
position of digit determines the number being represented
any number can be represented by only digits 0-9
What experience is essential to learning place value?
hands-on experience with maniuplative is essential in establishing and developing the concept of place value.
What do children in the first three gardes need much experience in ?
counting piles of objects,
trading for as many groups of ten as possible, and then describing the results.
Regardless of the the model used to illustrate the ideas of additiona nd subraction, the desired sequence shoudl be:
1. use a variety of problem settings and manipulative materials to acto out and model the operation
2. provide representations of objects in pictures, diagrams and drawings, tomove a step away from the concrete toward symbolization
3. use symbols to illustrate the operation

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