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chapter 4+5


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the profit the sponsor earns from its support of an athlete or team.
public relations
the arm of marketing that concerns itself with creating a fovorable public opinion for an individual or organization.
any free notice about a product, service.
promotion plan
has four elements: personal selling, advertising, publicity, and sales promotion.
a person's public expression of approval or support for a product or service.
affinity sports
another option for smaller sponsors.
niche marketing
involves researching a target market to determine the specific items or services a small group of people will buy.
publicizing or advertising a product, service, or event with the goal of spelling it
paid communication between the product maker or seller and the audience or customer.
personal selling
face to face selling
a general willingness to work with or assist a person or organization based on a positive reputation or relationship.
a person, organization, or business that gives money or donates products and services to another person, organization, or event in exchange for public recognition.

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