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What are the module level integrity check guidelines?
check once/wk and in some cases every 2-4 days. Run validate and verify (repair only if necessary). backup app db before repairing
What are the advantages of the SQL Server runtime that comes with Solomon over the full-use SQL Server?
Competitively priced
Fully Solomon supported
From lowest (1) to highest (5) arrange the access rights: delete, view, initialization, udpate, insert
view, udpate, insert, delete initialization
How many licenses: 15 users 6-8hrs/day, next qtr 6 users 6-8hrs/day, 10 users 1-3hrs/day, 2 users 60+hrs/month
25 + 12? Depends if users can be scheduled to not overlap use.
True/False: The copy special function copies the entire contents of a Solomon IV window only.
False. It can copy just a level.
What are the two databases in every Solomon installation?
The Application and the System database.
What can you display to review execution status in app server?
current queue, master schedule, today's schedule
How many licenses: 7 users 6-8 hrs per day, 8 users 1-3hrs per day, 6 users 1-2hrs per month?
What columns does the event log viewer provide?
process id, user id, execution date, view date
What does SWIMAPI.DLL stand for?
SQL Windows Interface Manager Applications Programming Interface
Which of the following is not a standard report option?
a) page range
b) pre-defined template
c) report banner
d) sort order
e) pop-up notes
What two programming languages is Solomon written in?
visual basic and C++
T/F: the name of a sol iv app server must be the same as a sol iv user id already defined in user maint?
What are the licensing schemes?
By server or seat. Solomon licenses by seat in 3, 6, 12, 25, 50, or 100-count user licenses. Add-ons in 3 or 10 counts.
App server provides blank-tier client-server functionality?
What info does the app server log contain on the processing history of each request?
date of processing action
time of processing action
request id and descr
processing action app server performed on request
What are the steps to creating a screen template?
1) open the screen
2) enter the information you want saved in the template
3) click edit|template
4) enter template id and descr
5) select private or public
6) at section, entered desired level
7) un/check include lower levels
8) save
9) close template
I which of the following screens can app server be stopped?
a) app server admin wiz
b) app server admin
c) app server status
d) app server request log
e) app server
When should the repair options in a module's integrity check be run?
a) on a regular basis
b) only when problems have been indicated as a result of running the verify option
c) at any time data loss is supspected
d) when closign a fis
a, b, c, and d
If the Solomon IV program files need to be re=installed, whic is typically the more efficeint method?
a) from tape
b) from the install CD
When does a backup installation of the Solomon IV need to be updated?
At critical points in the accounting process usch as before closings and postings or after long data entry sessions.
What components or conditions are repairable by Inspector?
1) DLL load location--moves duplicate to backup folder and changes name
2) File exists only at a specific location--moves to backup folder and changes name
3) Specific .ini file settings--substitutes the correct values specified in the script
4) Register values--substitutes the correct values specified in the script
What is the difference between a regular inquiry window and an entity inquiry window?
The entity lookup returns more than one field.
How do you select a range of fields to be copy/pasted?
Click on the first field. Hold the shift key down and click on the last field.
Name 3 supporting products
FRx, Crystal Reports, Solomon Desktop
Referential integrity ensures blank between linked data tables and prevents blank of linked information.
synchronization and deletion
Which of the following are elements of Solomon IV pre-installation?
a) obtaining installation tools and resources
b) optimizing computer hardware and software
c) using inspector to very the computer hardware environment
d) protecting
a, b, d
Name four pre-installation steps
1) Protect current data of accounting software being replaced
2) Obtain the tools and resources used before, during, and after install
3) Develop an implementation plan
4) Make sure environment is adequate
Name some general questions that can be a general guide to developing a site specific implementation plan.
1) Has the customer expressed the goals and objectives. Are they reasonable. Are they in writing.
2) Is the implementation/go-live scheduled for a period of low activity?
3) Will all modules be implemented at once or in stages?
4) Will Solomon run parallel, how long?
5) Integration plans and scope with other systems
6) Beginning balances imported or entered?
7) Go-live date
8) Conversion plan
9) Customizations
10) Multi-company implementation plan
11) Remote connectivity
12) Performance issues
Solomon IV application database contains blank, system database contains blank.
accounting data for financial entities, system data such as registrations, users, select accounting data such as account/subacct cross reference
Should you run Windows Terminal Server and SQL Server on the same machine?
It is not recommended
t/f: client access licenses that are licensed with sol's runtime version of sql server are deployed per server mode.
false: deployed per seat for the number of sol licenses purchased
After entering the company id on a newly created database and relogging in, what should you do?
Run dbupdate on the .csv's
Terminal server
See technical bulletin 2474
What extra steps are necessary after running dbudpate on a newly created database if using multi-company?
Enter module|multi-company|multi-company setup. Select activate multi-company with inter-company processing.
In setting up ODBC connections, should you change the default database
Yes. Change it to the application database
Minimum server requirements
p266 cpu, 256mb ram, 800x600, 500mb hd, 32bit 3com nic, nt server o/s
Inventory current system
Workstation types: o/s, cpu, hd, ram, monitor, CDRom, etc
Server: o/s, cpu(s), hd(s), RAM, Other software conflicts, etc.
Network: W2K, tcp/ip, NIC's, Other software conflicts
Names two steps to ensure protection of legacy system data
Test restore
Solomon IV uses the blank database engine
MS SQL Server
What is the most common solution for a network server that does not have the capacity to support the necessary program execution or service load requirements? What should be considered if this doesn't solve all server performance issues?
Switch to a faster CPU, add RAM, increase hard disk space, add dedicated application servers to run Solomon, MS SQL Server, email, etc., on separate computers
Why is it important to conduct a final check of the network file servers?
Setup a default printer for Solomon IV that is different that the default windows printer
When choosing an installation folder, what should you remember?
The folder one level above the installation folder must be shared
What are the before and after uses of inspector?
Before: checks for adequate memory levels
After: checks network and software
Can you change the spelling of your company name in registration?
What is the recommended display resolution
a) 800x600 or higher
b) 640x480
c) 1024x768
Minimum workstation requirements
p266, 128mb ram, 800x600, 200mb hd, 32bit NIC 3com, w2k prof, ms office
Additional specific preinstallation steps
1) Verify correct version of Sol
2) Calc store req'ments
3) Complete system requirements checklist and review
Which are valid methods for optimizing Windows for use with Solomon IV?
a) Make more memory available on the computer
b) Close Windows programs that consume high amounts of memory.
c) Remove animated screen savers and complex wallpapers
What tools and resources should you gather before you start?
1) Manuals and media (the software)
2) Tech bulletins/install guides
3) Complete Solomon 'new site assistance plan and data sheet' or 'NexTec Network Questionnaire'
The suggested correction for a client machine with an OEM version of Windows that is experiencing problems when trying to run Solomon IV is blank.
Re-install Windows using the Microsoft version and also install the most current version of Windows Service Packs
What are the two basic pruposes of the Solmon IV nspector
Report on operating environment components/conditions; identify/repair environment incompatibilities
Is SQL Server installed before or after Solomon
What are the three levels of security?
Network, SQL Server, Solomon
Which tab should you create ODBC data sources?
a) User DSN
b) System DSN
c) File DSN
What are important system level checks?
perfmon with disperf -y, -n
nt eventlog
disk free space
To install Solomon on terminal server, how must you be logged in?
Administrator on the machine
how many app server can exist in a give solomon installation?
a) 1
b) 5
c) as many as required
d) 20
Does Solomon setup support UNC pathnames?
No. It must be assigned a permanent path letter.
If you find errors from the module integrity check, what should you do?
logoff and logon and repair.
t/f: Maintaining more than one System database on the server has practically no effect on the server hard disk storage requirements
What happens if a user is in a group with no rights to GL, but the individual user has been. Can they use GL?
Yes. Rights are additive.
Maintaining physical and logical database integrity involves blank and blank.
validating current database records and making any necessary repairs to identified problems
How do you setup an app server?
1) define user in user maint
2) start app server admin wizard (mod|app server|add new server wizard or mod|app server|serv admin and click on add server)
3) next
4) next
5) poling inteval
6) email profile id
7) temp dir
8) use brows to help find the temp dir
9) Next
10) log # of entries
11) log # of days
12) next
13) # of days to retain complted request info in the request queue
14) next
15) delete reports after they have been emailed
16) keep reports in temp dir
17) bext
18) automatically resubmit incomplete requests
19) leave in queue and flag as incomplete
20) next
21) groups
22) users
23) next
24) select group/users for which this app server is the default server
25) next
26) finish
T/F: Calculated values can be selected for copy and paste operations
Whi si it necessary for Microsoft SQL Server to provide a layer of security in addition to the physical security of the network software?
Allows access to files normally protected by network security features.
How do you choose the order of fields to be pasted?
Ctrl-click on the fiels in the order you want them copied/pasted.
What key to you use for entity inquiry windows
What are the three steps to using recurring transactions?
1) Define a record of the transaction in the appropriate screen (GL=Journal Transactions, AP=Recurring Voucher Maintenance, AR=Recurring Invoice Maintenance, CM=Recurring Item Maintenance)
2) Generate a regular transaction from the recurring transaction (GL/AP/AR/CM=Generate...)
3) Process the transactions normally with other transactions.
T/F: event log only records info on unusual occurrences.
When you select an item from a list of values in an blank, Solomon IV populates all key fields in the Sol screen not just the field that currently has focus
a) inquiry window
b) entity inquiry windows
t/f: MS SQL Server is consider to be a Solmon IV supporting product
When a detail line is slected in the grid, the edit|insert rows+paste function pastes data blank the currenlty selected line
a) above
b) below
c) in place of
a above
What should you setup first in the GL in a newly created database?
GL Setup options, fiscal info, and currency info tabs
Solomon IV's multi-item copy function:
a) Allows you to randomly select multiple items for copy and paste operations
b) Requires all items selected for copy and paste oeprations to be selcted tin the tab order used by their Solomon IV screen
In setting up ODBC connections, should you check or uncheck 'Connect to SQL Server to obtain default settings for the additional configuration options?
What is the advantage of setting up groups in Solomon?
Allows you to simultaneously define and maintain indentical access rights for large groups of users.
What does and application server configuration consist of?
1) Application server name (must be the same as a solomon user id that is defined in user maintenance)
2) application server parameters (polling interval, e-mail profile, temporary file directory, log mgmt settings
3) application server options: how it should handle report routing and requists that did not process successfully
4) app server groups and users: user/groups that can submit requests
What modules offer a limited form of recurring transactions?
Order Processing and Purchasing where standard orders can serve as templates for regular sales and purchase orders.
What do you do instead of 'begin processing' to run a process on app server?
click edit|submit to app server
What does cash manager integrity check do?
validate by period and optionally by bank acct and sub
What are the three levels of security in Solomon IV?
Solomon, SQL Server, network software
A template is?
a set of data copied from a screen and saved for later reuse with the same window or report.
name 6 components or conditions reviewed by Inspector.
1) The loading location of dll's
2) The file version info (number, date, time, size, checksum)
3) File exists at specific location
4) File exists only at specific location
5) Specific .ini file settings
6) Specific regsitrs values
What does Solomon mean by initializing a database?
Adding setup and beginning balances.
What are app servers execution parms for a job?
1) general request options
2) scheduling info
3) routing info
4) template for request processing
What are the steps to inserting template data?
1) open screen
2) edit|template
3) F3, select template, ok
4) paste
What is different signing on to newly created databases?
Leave company blank. Select Utility|Company Maint. Specify the company id, name, app db name, etc. Then close Solomon and relogin with the company id.
What does it mean that the rights levels are inclusive?
To define update, insert, and delet rights for a window, set the last one to yes and the others will automaticall change to yes.
In a Solomon IV installation
a) A client setup procedure must be completed at each client workstation taht is to run Solomon IV
b) Sol setup automaticall configures all clients to run Sol when int installs Sol program files on the server
Conditions that can be repaired by inspector are:
a) location where dll is loaded
b) file exists only at a specific location
c) specific .ini file settings
d) specific windows registry values
e) file version info
f) a throug
t/f: installation on a windows termianl server is the same as installation on a standard windows nt server
false: solomon iv and supporting products must be installed through add/remove programs on windows terminal server
How often should the system db and custom report spec backukps be updated?
Whenever data changes such as new users, report customizations
What does inventory integrity check do?
rebuild inv hist from trx
recalc qty on so, po, bo, qty alloc/avail
validate inventory
rebuild oh qty's and costs
What does order processing integrity check do?
verify order and invoice totals
Which two items most greatly impact the storage space requirements of Solomon IV?
a) # of Sol iv modules installed
b) detail retention settings
c) volume of transactions
d) summary retention settings
b and c
What Solomon modules support recurring transactions?
What is the basic purpose of pop-up notes?
attach unique or confidential information to data items that is associated wiht, but are not actually part of the data items themselves.
Registration items entered in Sol before sending your registration report to Solomon are:
a) reseller/consultant info
b) company name, address, contacts, rpofile
c) customer id
d) module id's
e) serial numbers
f) module unlo
a and b
In which scenario is a recurring transaction setup preferrable to a template?
a) a large order is to be divided among several vendors, with the same items and amounts order from each vendor.
b) A large block of customers are to use the same def
What does AP integrity check do?
verify posted ap batches
verify vendor bals
rebuild vendor history from docs
correct doc bals
What does insert rows and past do?
Inserts a blank row above the current row and pastes into the blank row. If several rows are highlighted, the past will paste into those serveral rows.
What is the 2-step process of physical integrity checks?
Validation and repair
What does the gl integrity check do?
compare gl totals by acct type
compare ptd bals to actual
compare ptd to ytd bals
validate posted batches
verify ptd bals by prd
How often does Solomon recommend physical integrity checks?
Once per period one week before closing. Check before and after installing service packs.
What does ar integrity check do?
verify posted ar batches
correct cust bals
verify payment applications
correct doc bals
T/F: Supporting products developed specifically for use with Sol iv automatically have their data files included in any Sol iv database backup routine?
How do you give Master a password?
Utility|Database Administration on the line that has no Database Name into the password column.
True/False: Solomon IV will work with any NIC, as long as it is 32 bit.

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