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World War 1 (3)


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A hard-fought American victory over the Germans in France(1918)
The Battle of Belleau Wood
Harlem Hell Fighters
French awarded them what
1. an African American unit that fought with the French
2. the Croix de Guerre (highest military honor) and many other military decorations
1918 treaty between Russia and Germany that ended Russia's involvement in World War I
Treaty of Brest-Litovska
French and American troops defeated the Germans (October 1918)
Battle of the Argonne Forest
Agreement to stop fighting
Give up power
The rapid spread of a contagious disease among large numbers of people
June 1917
The first American troops reach France
Conditions Europeans face after the war
1. many areas were in ruins
2. millions of people were close to starvation
3. many children were orphaned and homeless
4. many died in the flu epidemic
To avoid futher bloodshed
Prince Max of Baden secretly cable president Wilson
Allies accomplished what
They Won World War 1
He commanded the American Expeditionary Force
General John J. Pershing
The Germans' plan for an all-out attack against the Allies that they hoped to end the war
The "peace offensive"
The Bolsheviks wanted to stage a communist revolution in Russia
Russians decide to withdraw from the war
Bolshevicks seize power from
Russia's Provisional Government
Lenin embraced his ideas
Karl Marx (German thinker of 1800s)
Russia gives Germany what after withdrawn from the war
large amounts of land
Battle of Belleau lasted
3 weeks
He killed 24 Germans and the remaining Germans ended up surrendering to him
Alvin York
Who was French Marshal Ferdinand Foch?
commander of the Allied forces
1.hard-fighting troops 2.many supplies
Helped the Allies to victory
Two conditions president Wilson set for an armistice
1.Germany must accept his plan for peace
2.The German emperor must abdicate
Germany became a republic
After the German emperor resigned
November 11, 1918 (eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month)
World War 1 ended
It was a betrayal
The treaty between Russia and Germany

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