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grade 6 history cap 14 test 13


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President who replaced Richard Nixon
Gerald R. Ford
Desert Storm lasted only
2 and a half months
general who led the troops into combat during Operation Desert Storm
Norman Schwarzkopf
general in command of Operation Desert Storm
Colin Powell
dictator whose armies invaded Kuwait in 1990
Saddam Hussein
first woman justice appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court
Sandra Day O'Connor
in 1983, President Reagan sent troops to liberate
the belief that Communism should be attacked before it can enslave a country is called
Reagan Doctrine
medical advance made in the 1950's was Dr. Jonas Salk's development of
polio vaccine
one of the greatest opera singers of her time
Marian Anderson
legislation that guarantees voting, housing, and job rights for ethnic minorities
1964 Civil Rights Act
President whose welfare program was called the New Frontier
John F. Kennedy
decision by Supreme Court in 1970s was Roe vs. Wade which legalized
remembered for major military commitment to South Vietnam
President Johnson
only President to resign from office
Richard Nixon
President who gave up Panama Canal
Jimmy Carter
President who helped bring about peace treaty between Egypt and Israel
Jimmy Carter
system of producing and distributing goods
first black major league baseball player
Jackie Robinson
lady who refused to give up her seat on a bus in Alabama
Rosa Parks
Communist dictator who overthrew the government of Cuba in 1959
Fidel Castro
man who opposed dictator of Cuba and spent 20 years in prison
Huber Matos
first American in space
Alan Shepard
first American to orbit earth
John Glenn
first man to walk on the moon
Neil Armstrong
Term which means "killing unborn babies".

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