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FLJR/SRHS Biology Vocabulary Chapter 1


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asexual reproduction
A type of reproduction involving only one parent that produces genetically identical offspring by budding or by the division of a single cell or the entire organism into two or more parts.
A basic unit of living matter separated from its environment by a plasma membrane; the fundamental structural unit of life.
cell fractionation
The disruption of a cell and separation of its organelles by centrifugation.
electron microscope (EM)
A microscope that focuses an electron beam through a specimen, resulting in resolving power a thousandfold greater than that of a light microscope. A transmission electron microscope (TEM) is used to study the internal structure of thin sections of cells. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is used to study the fine details of cell surfaces.
The steady-state physiological condition of the body.
A temporary working explanation or supposition based on accumulated facts and suggesting some general principle or relation of cause and effect; a postulated solution to a scientific problem that must be tested and if not validated, discarded.
light microscope (LM)
An optical instrument with lenses that refract (bend) visible light to magnify images of specimens.
The totality of an organism's chemical processes, consisting of catabolic and anabolic pathways.
sexual reproduction
A type of reproduction in which two parents give rise to offspring that have unique combinations of genes inherited from the gametes of the two parents.
A generalization based on many observations and experiments; a verified hypothesis.

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