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political studies 101 final


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Name the 5 types of PACs
Labor, Corporate, Trade Union Independent
Briefly describe the ruling in Buckley v. Valeo
Donating money to campaigns is protected under free speech
What is the significance of “dough day” vs. “fat cats”
Before 1920, politicians gave money to the voters, while afterwards, it switched
Name two attempts at campaign finance reform and in one sentence, explain what they tried to accomplish

McCain-Feingold- tried to ban soft money altogether, Revenue act 0f 1971 – allowed public finan

How much can an individual donate per election to a federal campaign: ____? To a PAC: ____? And to a party: ____?
2100, 5000, 25,000
What is FECA and define its purpose?
Federal Election Campaign Act: established a clear system to reveal campaign sources/funds
What was the first PAC, and when was it established
cope 1955
What are two good indicators of weakening partisanship?

increase in split ticket voting, change in turnout 

According to V.O. Key , one of the aspects of party politics is party organization. Name the other two
party in government, party in electorate
What are the 3 reasons that account for the stability of partisanship? 
partisanship formed early in life, little social mobility, little economic change
Between 1964 and 1984 partisanship increased. T or F
What are the 3 reasons that account for the stability of partisanship?
Partisanship formed early on in life, What are the current partisan alignments? 
51 D  41 R   9I
In general when are polls most legitimate?
to gauge the effectiveness of a program
What was the main issue discussed in “Hacking Democracy”?
The insecurity of electronic voting machines such as Diebold.
What is Gallup’s theory called, and what does it maintain?
Plebiscitary theory that claims that politicians shouldn’t be able to hide behind ignorance and that polling heightens accountability
Write 1-2 sentences about the voting behavior of independents
While they identify as independent, they tend to vote rather consistently for one party
What are the three general factors that determine voting?
partisanship, candidate evaluations, issues
Down’s theory claims that parties are the most rational basis for politics if there is __________
a significant difference between the two parties
Name the factors that play a role in the relationship between issues and voting:

policy voting, projection, persuasion 

According to Miller and Stokes, a person is likely to vote if

they are knowledgable about the issues, know gov’t policy , recognize significant differences between the party

Explain one way that we could increase voting turnout
mandatory voting, national election holiday, same day registration
Name one argument for and one argument against negative advertisement
politicians wont reveal their own faults, someone should., lowers level of debate
What are two ways the television affected presidential campaigns
more expensive, candidate appearance matters
Name 3 possible reasons for the decline in voter turnout
lower quality candidates, big issues solved, little faith in govenrment

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